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Paul to rock out in Quebec too.

With the recent announcement that Paul is ready to hit Israel with a huge concert, and hot on the heals of two high-profile European concerts in Liverpool and Kiev, it looks like Paul is bringing his really big show to North America for a huge concert celebration.

It seems that these shows are simply the precursor to his large, and much-anticiapted world tour.  Hopefully it stops in Cleveland this time around. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney Set to Rock Quebec City with a Free Concert to Celebrate Their 400th Anniversary July 20th 2008 – The Plains of Abraham, Québec City, Canada 

Paul McCartney will perform his first live show in Canada since 2005 when he will lead the city of Québec in celebrations for their 400th anniversary on the 20th of July. The free concert will take place in one of the world’s most prestigious and historic city parks, The Plains Of Abraham, the site of many clashes between the French and British empires in the 18th century. 

Paul said, “I have a feeling it’s going to be a great night. Music is a fantastic way to celebrate this event. It’s a universal language that can bring everybody together! Our two countries have close ties that remain strong to this day. We are looking forward to helping Québec City celebrate this anniversary.”


Just weeks ago Paul McCartney performed the largest ever show in the Ukraine, in Kiev, to over 350,000 people in the city’s Independence Square and on June 1st Paul played a stadium concert in Liverpool to celebrate the city being named the 2008 European capital of culture. If these previous shows are anything to go by, Québec City is in for a night it will never forget. 

“Paul McCartney is not just a superstar; he’s a legend, a musical and cultural icon who will focus international attention on our historic celebrations. His concert will project Québec 2008 on the world scene,” declared Daniel Gélinas, CEO of the Société du 400e, the event organizers. “Paul McCartney is giving us a fabulous present and we are thrilled and proud to welcome him to Québec City!” 

This will be Paul’s first visit to the capital. Paul first played in Canada when The Beatles appeared at the Montréal Forum in 1964. Since then Paul has toured in Canada on numerous occasions but never in Québec. So this will be a grand premiere for Paul and for the population of Québec City. 

To celebrate this anniversary year the Société du 400e put together a balanced program featuring music from Québec and the First Nations, French songs, symphonic and classical music while inviting international stars and spotlighting the two founding peoples: France and the UK. 

“With a British star participating in the 400th anniversary celebrations we can say mission accomplished! No ticket are needed for this free concert put on by the Société du 400e, a highlight of an already extraordinary year of concerts, exhibitions and shows,” summed up Gélinas.

Source: E-mail press release.


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  1. I’m one who’s fortunate enough to have amazing parents, who will drive 12 hours to bring me to see Paul. On top of that will bring my two best friends! Man I’m excited!!

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