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VIDEO: Dhani Harrison interview on myspace.com with facial hair…

Dhani Harrison of thenewno2 sings the music industry blues, the frustration of free music and the benefits of doing everything yourself via the internet.  It looks like Dhani has adopted his father’s 1970’s style mustache.  If you haven’t heard his new group’s music, it’s refreshing to hear.  It’s original, and quite the unique mix of styles, electronic and rock.  Quite surprised at how much I like it.
God, we hope he tours the U.S. this fall, as rumors tell us.  Plus, we know how much you ladies like to feast your eyes on the young Mr. Harrison, some will find the ‘stache super sexy, others may not…you be the judge.

12 Responses

  1. Wow he looks like his daddy.

  2. dhani was also featured in the july issue of NYLON magazine (the one with scarlett johansson on the cover), page 118:


  3. Great video! The facial hair looks decent and masculine. Another expression of inherited masculinity…www.myspace.com/arismetalmusic

  4. Wow! Dhani has always looked like George, but with the mustache, wow, wow, wow. It’s uncanny.

  5. Man, I live for Dhani stories on this website, lol 😉 I can’t see the myspace though (the neighbors have it blocked).

  6. He looks and sound like his dad

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