Ringo tours & also releases new LIVE CD/DVD. Details below.

Somehow, amidst Paul’s two impressive live shows (Liverpool and Kiev) Ringo got a little lost in the shuffle of things.  He is kicking off his All-Starr Band tour, and shuffling out the hits at a Casino (mostly) near you.  As always a splendid time is guaranteed for all.  By all accounts this incarnation of his band, like the one from last year is a blast.

We have details planned on another LIVE All-Starr Band CD/DVD release for July 2008.  Check here at amazon.com for more details.

Here are the details for the upcoming release from Ringo and his fabulous band.

All new live recording from Ringo and his All Starr 2006 band! Ringo’s summer All Starr tours (with his All-Starr Band) continue to be can’t-miss events year-after-year.


Ringo And The All Starr’s Live 2006 is the latest installment from the legendary Beatles drummer and features one his most eclectic back-up bands yet. Comprised of Billy Squier, Edgar Winter, Richard Marx, Sheila E. and Rod Argent, the 2006 version of the All Starr’s proved to be not just a great band but also a very versatile unit.


The live album includes favorites like “Yellow Submarine,” “Photograph,” “Act Naturally” and also some of the biggest hits of his back-up members’ band’s careers including “Everybody Wants You” (Billy Squier), “Frankenstein” (Edgar Winter), “Glamorous Life” (Sheila E.), and “Should Have Known Better (Richard Marx).


This new DVD recorded live in concert during his 2006 concert touris a treat for all Ringo/Beatles completists. Containing beautifully shot concert performances and brand-new Ringo interviews, this is a must-have item.



  • All new live recording from Ringo and his 2006 All Starr group.
  • Interest in The Beatles and their various side-projects continues to be skyhigh.
  • Over 80 minutes of music!
  • For Beatles and Ringo completists.



  • New DVD captures Ringo and his All Starr band live and in concert on their
  • 2006 concert tour.
  • Over 144 minutes long, this is the full show w/ bonus Ringo interviews
  • Also includes solo performances from each of the All Starr’s on the tour:
  • Richard Marx, Edgar Winter, Billy Squier and Rod Argent.


Liverpool, England & Los Angeles, CA



1. A Little Help From My Friends / It Don’t Come Easy
2. What Goes On
3. Honey Don’t
4. Everybody Wants You
5. Free Ride
6. Love Bizarre
7. Don’t Mean Nothin’
8. She’s Not There
9. Yellow Submarine
10. Frankenstein
11. Photograph
12. Should Have Known Better
13. Glamorous Life
14. I Wanna Be Your Man
15. Rock Me Tonight
16. Hold Your Head Up
17. Act Naturally
18. A Little Help From My Friends
KOC-DV-4543 ML/$15.99


1. Little Help Opening 0:57
2. It Don’t Come Easy 2:48
Ringo Interview 1 0:37
3. What Goes On 3:02
Ringo Interview 2 0:52
4. Honey Don’t 2:30
Ringo Interview 3 1:31
5. Everybody Wants You 5:54
(Billy Squier)
Interview 4 1:18
6. Free Ride 4:23
(Edgar Winter)
Ringo Interview 5 0:57
7. Love Bizarre 7:20
(Sheila E.)
Ringo Interview 6 0:40
8. Boys 3:04
Ringo Interview 7 1:07
9. Don’t Mean Nothin’ 6:15
(Richard Marx)
Ringo Interview 8 0:45
10. She’s Not There 3:53
(Rod Argent)
11. Never Without You 6:03
Ringo Interview 9 0:27
12. Yellow Submarine 3:22
Ringo Interview 10 0:38
13. Edgar: Dying To Live 6:35
Ringo Interview 11 0:36
14. Where Ever You Go 6:06
(Richard Marx)
Ringo Interview 12 0:23
15. Ramblin On My Mind 3:58
(Billy Squier)
Ringo Interview 13 0:22
16. Time Of The Season 3:33
(Rod Argent)
Ringo Interview 14 1:39
17. Edgar Winter: Frankenstein 9:00
Ringo Interview 15 0:28
18. Photograph 3:58
19. Choose Love 3:57
Ringo Interview 16 1:04
20. Should Have Known Better 4:52
(Richard Marx)
Ringo Interview 17 0:35
21. Glamorous Life 5:17
(Sheila E.)
Ringo Interview 18 0:50
22. I Wanna Be Your Man 3:20
Ringo Interview 19 0:44
23. Rock Me Tonight 6:17
(Billy Squier)
Ringo Interview 20 0:33
24. Hold Your Head Up 7:58
(Rod Argent)
25. Act Naturally 2:53
26. Memphis In Your Mind 4:20
Ringo Interview 21 1:04
27. Little Help From My Friends 4:04
28. Little Help…Outro 1:26
KOC-DV-4543 ML/$15.99

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