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VIDEO: John Lennon demo roundup of virtual Beatle clips.

A few days ago a friend of mine and I were talking all things Beatles, and we got to talking about “Now and Then,” and hopefully it’s eventual release as a Beatles’ track ala “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love.”  We were salivating and dreaming about the virtual Beatles tracks.

This led us to a youtube search of other lost Lennon gems.  Several fans have made their own virtual Beatles tracks by recording some of their own parts, and slicing other Paul, George, and Ringo parts to flesh out these songs.  Here are some of our favorite fan creations of “virtual” Beatle tracks.  Some of these are heartbreakingly stunning and had us in tears.  We cried over the beauty of these tracks, and for what could have been.  Here are some of our favorites.  They make great additions to anyone’s iPod.

Regular blog news postings will continue tomorrow.  Things have been crazy this week.

The Virtual Beatles – “Help Me to Help Myself” fan creation.
This is John at his most religious, believe it or not, and most confessional.  It’s astonishing that he was never able to finish this track.  This is by far one of my favorite Lennon bootlegged tracks.

John Lennon – “Help Me to Help Myself” original demo version

The Virtual Beatles – “India” fan creation.

John Lennon – “India” original demo.

More videos and songs below the cut.

The Virtual Beatles _ “You Saved My Soul” fan creation.

The Virtual Beatles – “Now and Then” fan creation.

John Lennon – “Now and Then” original demo version.

  • What are some of your favorite virtual Beatle tracks. Send us your links, and clips in the comments below.

10 Responses

  1. This version of ‘Help Me to Help myself’ from the Vitual Beatles is, in my opinion, better than the other fan made one (although I do LIKE the other one too).

  2. What about this beautiful Virtual Beatles version of ‘Grow Old With Me’?

  3. How about this Virtual Beatles fan made ‘Now And Then’?

  4. And lastly, this other fan creation of ‘Now And Then’. It’s just a slightly different take to the one you have already posted above (NOT the Virtual Beatles one). The takling over the intro and the “violins” on the second verse hasn’t been added yet. Have a listen, see what you think, then compare the two.
    Can’t wait until Paul release it. Maybe if he is ballsy enough, he’d ask Yoko for some more. He might as well make the most of it while he and Yoko get along. What do others think?

  5. How can you do it without George?

  6. Cool videos. We love The Beatles. And Wings. They rock.

    Please check out our site if you have the time. We know that after seeing our site, you’ll make the time, regardless.

    See ya ’round. We WILL see you around.
    ~The Tubbo Twins

    P.S. Did you notice the little curvy thing (~) in front of our name? Isn’t that a nice touch?

  7. Do what without George?

  8. As far as Now and then being done without George, it is said, he recorded his guitar parts in 1995.
    If other guitar is needed why not lift it off other songs George has played on?
    I do beleive Paul and Ringo do decide to finish Now and then, it will have George’s guitar parts added in, and of course it will have John’s original 1979 demo vocal.
    But as far as the other songs, India, All for love, and Help me to help myself, they most likely haven’t given them a thought, which is fine.
    If you really would like this song finished, check out this petition I found on line.


  9. […] by Matt A month or so ago, we posted a roundup of user-created imaginary Beatle reunion tracks. (Check that story out here.)  It seems we had forgotten one of them in the mix.  It is a wonderful listen, and I will put it […]

  10. This absolutely kicks ass. I wonder if these guys could fix up and finish suzy parker, watching rainbows, i lost my little girl and there you go eddie. Also, illusions from john would be great as well.

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