Paul McCartney’s next world tour will be his last.

Well folks, the Macca tour machine is about to kick-off.  Paul will be touring once again this year.  It looks like this tour promises to be his biggest and best yet.  If the Liverpool Capital of Culture celebration is any indication of things to come, it looks like the setlist will hold some surprises, and a few new tunes.

Paul and his band are in tip-top touring shape.  This may be your last chance to see Paul McCartney in-person.  Yes, folks all good things come to an end.  But Paul will kick up a hell of a farewell party for us all.  It looks like there may be an announcement soon regarding particulars about his upcoming tour.


Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney’s next world tour will be his last – so he can spend more time wi th daughter Beatrice.

The former Beatle is about to announce plans for a colossal two-year tour. The huge string of dates, starting this autumn, will be one of the biggest rock tours of all time. Macca is expected to make £110million from the planned 100 gigs – more than £1m per show.

It will be his biggest tour since 1989-90 when he played 108 shows in Europe, the US, Japan and Brazil.

The tour will be in stages, taking in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. The first dates will be announced in the next few weeks.

Beatrice, four, will join her dad – 66 this month – for sections of the tour.

Macca revealed his plan to close friends and family last weekend at his triumphant City Of Culture gig in his home town of Liverpool.

A source said: “Paul explained that this tour will be the last big one. He wants to settle down and enjoy Beatrice’s childhood.

“The tour will be the last time he performs in many parts of the world. Beatrice and his family life are going to come first. He does not want to be away for months at a time.”

The other woman in Macca’s life – his new love, American socialite Nancy Shevell – will join him for much of the tour, aides have been told.

Nancy, 48, will see Paul play a free concert in Kiev, Ukraine, next Saturday.

Paul had long planned to make a final world tour but was waiting to get his divorce from Beatrice’s mum Heather Mills out of the way. The two reached a £25million settlement in March.

Macca’s last major tour, in 2002, netted him £63million for just 58 shows.

Paul will get more than £1million from each of the planned 100 per formances on one of the biggest rock tours ever.

Four-year-old Beatrice will fly out to join her dad for parts of the tour.

Go-ahead had to wait for end of divorce proceedings.

Source: Sunday Mirror


13 Responses

  1. I hope that he comes to Stockholm.

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  3. I was very saddened to hear about Neil Innes passing away today.
    How come so many of these guys are dying this year?
    r.i.p. Neil.

  4. Neil Innes did not die today…strange….

  5. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get tickets without going through a ticket agency? These guys seem to have all the tickets as soon as they are sold, and they are usually several times face value.

  6. I’m sorry Sir Matt, I misunderstood that news.
    I thought it meant he died.
    Forgive me.
    It usually means a tribute for the dead people, not live.
    Here in Italy we had Tribute for many dead people, but they always dead.
    My mistake, sorry Neil.

  7. Oh, wasn’t Neil a Rutles?
    It’s not the Neil same as apple right?

  8. I doubt he’d do Upstate New York, yet I’m willing to go to Toronto or New York again. It’s worth every penny.
    Not only is this it so he can raise his little girl, but also he just turned 66, and he can’t do this much longer. I’m dying to see when and where he’ll go.

  9. I’m from uruguay…i started to study english after i heard the beatles, I’m 28 years old…one of my dreams is to see a Paul show!!! I had the luck to cross the abbey road avenue in London and the satge in The cavern in Liverpool, and i need this!!!
    I was waiting this oportunity all my life!!! Please come to south america, now i’m working only to travel to see him!!! Un abrazo grande para todo el mundo!! y espero que todos podamos ver al maestro de todos los tiempos!!!! ARRIBA!!!!!! George.

  10. If this is going to be his last tour then MACCA needs to pull out all the stops. I would like to hear him do some things that you typically don’t hear in his tour. Maybe do Strawberry Fields for John, a song for George and maybe A Little Help From My Friends for Ringo. Then pull out stuff from The Beatles like A Day In The Life. Dig deep for a show unlike any other. Blow the audience away with the song choices.

  11. I hope that He comes to BELGIUM.


  13. Que venga nuevamente a la Argentina !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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