Mike Douglas producer to write Lennon book, and wants your help.

It appears that fans of John and Yoko will have a new book to look forward to in the near future.  In this title we get a first-hand account of John and Yoko’s time on The Mike Douglas Show.  Again, I love the little peaks into these moments in history.  It really makes history come alive, and once again we get this small portrait, a window in time. We get to see the great energy that John and Yoko had on the show.  It truly was entertaining.

This book project is a little different, however.  We, the fans, may have some input into the project itself.  The author, Michael Krauss, was the producer of the Mike Douglas show.  He is asking for a fan’s perspective of the book, and wants your input.  If anyone live close to Connecticut, or would like to email Michael Krauss and his team, it looks like they would like to talk about the project.

Here’s the scoop that I got from Michael Krauss’s people in an email:

My boss is Michael Krauss who may be familiar to you as the producer of the Mike Douglas show at the time when John and Yoko co-hosted. He was telling me stories of the good old days when the topic of the beatles came up and he mentioned his pivotal role in the Mike Douglas show as the producer and the guy who had the idea to contact John and Yoko. He’s decided to create a scrapbook-coffee table book type thing out of pictures, files, old interviews, and other doodads.

He’s very close to having a final product, but isn’t completely done yet. He’s looking for some beatles fans to come together as a focus group to discuss the product. We’re over in Fairfield County in Connecticut and we’re looking to have some input at the start of next week (the first week in June). It would be a great help to us if you would mention it on your site and to anyone who might have interest.

You can email your thoughts and questions to Jack McKean, if you cannot make it in person to Connecticut.  What a cool project.


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