May be we’re amazed…Beatles radio news.

I’ve just been e-mailed a HUGE bit of news from your favorite Beatle-radio host Chris Carter. You guys know Chris, he’s our friend who runs the long-running Apple Scruff Radio – Breakfast with The Beatles radio show.

It seems that they will have a new addition to their news staff, but I don’t want to spoil the announcement. Please read below for details. It seems that the news will have a voice familiar to Beatle fans everywhere. Awesome news everyone.

Here’s what we’ve read.

It’s May, and we have May news . . . That is, we May have news. . .Or we have May for news. . .And she May have news for you. . .

All right, enough lame puns. Let May be.

America’s longest running Beatles show, Breakfast w/ The Beatles, is proud to announce that starting this Sunday, June 1, the charming and wonderful MAY PANG will be the new voice of THIS WEEK IN BEATLES NEWS.

May will be giving the week’s Beatles News LIVE FROM NYC each Sunday morning during the 10 O’clock hour.

May, of course, was John Lennon’s main squeeze/constant companion/paramour—they were all but married—for almost two years in the mid-70’s. She was art director and project coordinator (and back – up singer) for Lennon’s number-one “Walls and Bridges” album, and worked with him on a number of projects including “Mind Games,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and Harry Nilsson’s “Pussy Cats,” which Lennon produced.

May’s new book, “Instamatic Karma” ( St. Martin ‘s Press), is a poignant photographic essay of her time with the ex-Beatle, utilizing dozens of Polaroid’s she took in ’74 and ’75.

May (not surprisingly) has considerable knowledge of all things Beatles and we are looking forward to having her warm and pleasant self as part of the BREAKFAST With The Beatles morning team…

Even though it will be afternoon where she is!

Source: Apple Scruff Radio


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