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Q & A Interview: Yoko asks us to Come Together.

Why oh why would you do that to anyone?  What a way to kick-off an interview with an icon, a living legend.  I mean c’mon you don’e really have to ask that right off the bat, it’s been 28 years.  Let Yoko have some assemblance of peace people.  Love her or hate her, whether you understand her or not, you don’t evoke his name.  You know, that MDC guy.  It’s better not to even acknowledge him at all.

I would love to sit down with Yoko for a few minutes.  There are scores of other things that I would ask her.  What’s next for the Lennon release schedule?  Will we get a remastered Menolve Avenue and Shaved Fish (considering it was the only greatest hits package released while John was alive).  Will there be a Lennon LIVE DVD set officially released (Live in NYC, Toronto, and Zappa footage) all in one set?  Will there be a Lennon Anthology II relased? 

Those are just the questions about her husband.  I would love to here more about her views on art, current status of music, and culture.  Not to mention the fact that about asking her about the possibility of her own personal memoirs.  That’s really what I want to know about.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Love her or hate her, Yoko Ono has survived lifetimes of controversies, including the latest over footage of the late John Lennon smoking pot, penning songs and discussing putting LSD in President Nixon’s tea. She is the one pivotal force continuing to nurture our connections to Lennon, missed yet still present in his songs and art.

Ono brings Come Together, the largest collection of Lennon’s artworks on paper, to Annapolis on Friday, May 30, for the first time in the traveling exhibit’s 15-year history.

You’ve said the common denominator in all of John’s work was peace and love. With that in mind, do you think John would have wanted peace and forgiven his assassin Mark David Chapman?

I have no idea. I don’t think he would have loved the fact that his life was shortened by him. John was really so alive and really wanted to see everything – the changes that are happening in this world. He always wanted to do things. He was always waiting for what’s next.

Have you forgiven Chapman and found peace?

Well, it’s still hard. It’s not to do so much with Chapman per se but the fact that I had to recover from a great loss that I can’t forget.

After all that’s been written and said about John and yourself, is there something that the media and fans overlook or misunderstand?

The extent of people’s understanding about us is what they want to understand that way. It’s up to them. We were just living our lives, and some of them are interested in knowing about it because it could have inspired or encouraged them, and to an extent it did. I think there’s a lot of creative journalism. Yes of course the truth is still there somewhere, and I’m sure that eventually it will all be unfolded.

Is there a specific inaccurate report that comes to mind?

There have been some very untrue reports, like “Yoko ate dog meat.” What? Where?!

That was happening in London. An artist ate dog meat to make a statement. I was supposed to be there, but I wasn’t. I was in Russia. So I had a very good alibi.

How frustrating are reports like that?

It’s frustrating, but what’s almost scary is people take it seriously. They say, “How dare you do that?” And I hear complaints when I didn’t do [what’s been reported.] I feel very bad about that. But to sell papers and magazines, they have to go for sensationalism. It’s the fault of people who like to read sensationalized stories. That sells more papers.

Would you consider starting another bed-in?

Well with whom? By myself? I thought about that too. But what was very important about the bed-in was it was something two people did, a man and a woman. John was from the West, and I was from the East. All those combinations were very important. But the bed-in we did is still alive in our minds and conceptually in society.

A lot of the work in Come Together is about John as a husband and father. What kind of partner and father was he?

I think he was at his best [as a partner and father.] He’s human too. Some days he was not very happy, or mourning about life or something. I think he really tried to make relationships work well with me and his son as well. It was an incredible effort he was making, I saw that.

Source: Examiner


5 Responses

  1. For pete’s sake, asking questions about the NOBODY that killed a legendary SOMEBODY adds substance to the NOBODy, making that person ‘something’ when he is NOTHING. NO mr. reporter, NO. DO NOT DO THAT. we must forget whats-his-name and remember MR. JOHN ON0-LENNON. not only did this reporter give that nobody SATISFACTION by mentioning his name, but its a bit soon isnt it? why bother Yoko when its obviously still painful?
    its in the same category as making that laughable movie “Chapter 28” . People live on in memory. If we forget what-his-face then he has NO GREATNESS and he IS A NOBODY. its the opposite of what he wants. this reporter is a “swine”.
    and thats my 2 cents.

  2. No matter what you do, Mark Chapman’s deed will always be done. What does it matter if nobody says his name again? Do you not mention Lee Oswald? Sirhan Sirhan? James Earl Ray? John Wilkes Booth? How did you ever survive history class? And who was that kid who started WWI by assassinating Archduke Ferdinand? The war still happened even though I forgot his name. John Lennon is still dead no matter what you do. Why not name and shame MDC just like the others? Are you trying to protect his identity or something? If anything it makes him seem more mysterious and interesting. If he’s one sick puppy that gains happiness by the whole world hating him, then let him get his wish, I say. I want to know who to hate.

  3. I’m not sure why Yoko didn’t just tell this idiot that his question was way out of line. The press seems to think they can do anything in the name of the “story”. She is a human being who deserves some respect for the very traumatic loss of a loved one, no matter how long ago it is now. The image of this frail little woman being subjected to this type of rude, intrusive questioning by a stranger brings up the image of bullying and I hate bullies.

  4. FYI

    Artwork of John Lennon FRAUD

    The so-called Artwork of John Lennon in Annapolis this weekend, with 3 or 4 exceptions, was done in the last 22 years. John Lennon died 28 years ago.

    Therefore, it is tragic and obscene, with serious questions of law, that Yoko Ono would dishonor the memory of her late husband by passing off non-disclosed black-and-white reproductions and colorized/altered composition fakes as the so-called “Artwork of John Lennon” for sale to the unsuspecting public at $500 and $9,000 or more each.

    Unfortunately, the lack of connoisseurship by many a reporter perpetuates this fraud when they write a story waxing nostalgically about something they know little to nothing about.

    Then to add insult to injury, even when these newspapers and their reporters are informed to the contentious issues of authenticity their reply too often, if any, is it is too late to follow-up with a new story since the exhibit would be gone. Hence, Yoko Ono gets a free ride almost everywhere she brings her traveling road show of fakes. And with or without intent, the news media almost always ends up shilling for it.

    Gary Arseneau
    artist, creator of original lithographs, scholar & author
    Fernandina Beach, Florida

  5. To Cynthia:
    all i meant was that MDC wanted to acheive greatness in his life, which he thought he had succeeded in doing when he shot John. He will always be remembered because John was the first pop-star celebrity assassinated anways. for me personally I dont want MDC to acheive the greatness he thought he deserved, and be mentioning his name and his “deed” it serves that purpose.
    FYI i did great in History class, I meant my note to be thought about IN CONTEXT.

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