A new book on the business/breakup of the Beatles due in 2010.

It looks like Mark Lewisohn may have some competiton in the near future on the reference book front.  It seems that the press releases and announcements are getting farther and farther in the future.

This book looks more than promising, and is long overdue.  I’m glad in a way that it won’t come out for two more years.  The Apple vs. Apple section (hopefully) will shed some light on the long and arduous process of getting our Fab Four into the downloading game as well.  A well researched look at Apple records, and the business end of the Beatles as has been long overdue.  We’ll kep you posted.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Will Sulkin at the Bodley Head has acquired UK & Commonwealth (excluding Canada) rights in Peter Doggett’s You Never Give Me Your Money – Moguls, Monsters and Moptops: The Amazing 40-Year Battle to Own the Beatles. The deal was struck with Rupert Heath at the Rupert Heath Literary Agency, and the book is scheduled to be published in April 2010, the 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ break-up.

It tells the story of the Beatles for the 40 years after they broke up. “Having published Ian MacDonald’s book(s) I’m especially enthusiastic about what promises to be the best Beatles book since Revolution in the Head,” said Sulkin.

Source: The Bookseller


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