BBC to air Paul’s Liverpool Sound concert.

It looks like the BBC are getting in on the fun with Liverpool as the European Capital of Culture this year.  They will be broadcasting Paul McCartney’s return to Liverpool.  It looks as if the concert will be broadcast as well as a slew of behind the scenes interviews, and all-access goodies.

  • Paul’s Liverpool Sound concert will air on the BBC on a six-day delay at 7-8 p.m. June 7.
    Check here on the BBC website for full details.

(Note: As the BBC usually archives their programs online, it’s likely this will be on this page after the initial broadcast.)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Radio 2 Live: McCartney Live At Liverpool Sound
Saturday 7 June 1900-2000
Hear McCartney’s performance from the 1 June concert and hear live tracks from Kaiser Chiefs and the concert’s other supporting artists

From The Beatles’ early gigs at the Cavern Club, through to contemporary bands like The Zutons, The Wombats and Hot Club De Paris, the sound of Liverpool has continued to evolve.

Join Radio 2 as Liverpool’s most famous son, Sir Paul McCartney headlines Liverpool Sound – the European Capital of Culture’s celebration of its musical heritage – live at Anfield Football Stadium.

Sir Paul’s one-off performance in front of more than 30,000 people will be the first and last global concert staged at Anfield before Liverpool Football Club moves to a new home.

Saturday 31 May 1900-2000
Eric’s – The Story Of A Liverpool Club

Tuesday 3 June 2230-2330
Out of Liverpool

Tuesday 10 June 2230-2330
You’ll Never Walk Alone

Friday 13 June 1900-1930
Don’t Start Me Talking About…The Beatles (1/2)

Friday 20 June 1900-1930
Don’t Start Me Talking About…The Beatles (2/2)

Source: BBC Radio


2 Responses

  1. I’ve got a question. Why are the Kaiser Chiefs playing on the Liverpool Sound Concert?

    A) They’re not Scousers
    B) They don’t play anything that sounds like Liverpool music
    C) The lead singer looks like Bradley out of Eastenders
    D) As if that wasn’t enough, he can hardly sing a note and mostly shouts in an out of tune manner
    E) The other members of the band harmonise out of tune also
    F) Every single song has AAAAAAAARRRRRHHH in it
    G) Therefore, every single song sounds the same
    H) They’re always shouting
    I) Their songs are unoriginal

    I could go on but it’s a waste of time. I think it’s a travesty that they put a band from Leeds on a Liverpool 08 concert. It just makes a complete joke of it all like everything else in Liverpool.

  2. I agree, I thought the whole point of “Liverpool Sound” was to have bands from Liverpool playing. Whether they were popular at the moment or well-known in general shouldn’t have made a difference! Surely 90% there were there to see Macca in the first place anyway.
    I agree, when they said Dave Grohl was there I also thought “What? Why????” (still don’t know!). It just made it loook like Liverpool council asked every popular band they knew and he and the Kaiser Chiefs were the only ones that wanted to come (or maybe played for free, haha), esp with only announcing them like 2 weeks before..

    It still was a brilliant concert, but in the original announcement they were advertising it as “the Liverpool sound” with all the great music that came from Liverpool. So either they couldn’t find any or it just was marketing gone wrong…. Would have been much more interesting to have more local bands than Dave Grohl popping on stage to beat the drums..

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