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Chelsea Flower Show to feature garden for Beatle George Harrison.

George Harrison would be so proud of this.  I can picture George enjoying this honor and homage moreso than receiving a Grammy award.  We all know how much he appreciated his gardening and flowers.  I can see George beaming with this honor.

It’s especially amazing how they are representing his life through the use of flowers and color.  Nice. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Chelsea flower show is to feature a garden dedicated to George Harrison, the late Beatle.

It is co-designed by his widow Olivia and depicts Harrison’s life in four stages – childhood, shown by a vegetable plot and a bike in rough grass; a Beatles and 1960s area; and representations of his older self and spiritual life.

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Paul McCartney: The tracks of my years.

In a weird, Prince-inspired move, Paul McCartney is giving away copies of his latest release next Sunday.  It’s a bit of a head scratcher.  It’s weird that Paul would giveaway copies of an album that has been released several times now in different versions.  There have been deluxe version, DVD versions, vinyl versions, and even Starbucks exclusive download singles.  It’s kind of weird that he’d simply give it away now.

Sir Paul McCartney

Maybe he’s gearing the public up, now for his much rumored tour.  This could be promising. Maybe he wants everyone to be familiar with some of the newer material.  Who knows?  I think it’s cool that he’s giving the stunning album away.  It’s a hip thank you to the fans, albeit a little weird.  This article is interesting as well.  We get a track-by-track rundown of each cut from Memory Almost Full.  These stories are a bit of a retread of the interviews from the bonus edition of MAF, which feature an interview of Paul talking about each track, but new insight from Paul is better than no insight at all.  Cool to see.

Sir Paul McCartney

Here’s what we’ve read.

No figure in popular music casts a greater shadow than Paul McCartney – a giant of British music for over four decades; the Beatle whose fame and talent never diminished, through eight albums with Wings, smash-hit duets with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, and unsurpassed solo success in both pop and classical music.

And so it’s no surprise that Britain’s number one artist should choose the nation’s favourite Sunday newspaper, the Mail On Sunday, to give away his latest platinum-selling album, Memory Almost Full. You’ll find the CD, free, inside next week’s issue.

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