Paul is named “most irritating star.”

You have to admit that some of Paul’s un-hipness is a bit of a head scratcher.  Yes, he wears trainers/sneakers with his suits. OK, we will admit that the whole thumbs-up, peace sign waving schtick is decades old.  It’s just annoying and so not cool.

But, folks, remember he IS Paul McCartney.  He can do whatever he wants.  Are you going to be the one to tell him that he’s annoying?  I thought not.

It looks like the people have voted, and he has been deemed the most irritating star.  Personally, my vote would have gone to Mr. Meatloaf, Cher, Celine Dion, or Amy Winehouse.  But that’s another story.  Let Paul be irritating.  He’s royalty, and I dare you to say it to him in person.  He probably wouldn’t care anyway. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Beatles’ legend Sir Paul McCartney has been named the most irritating pop star of all time, by a new online poll.

The rocker was judged to be even more annoying than James Blunt, Lily Allen and Robbie Williams – who he beat to the top of the survey.

Site spokesman Craig Dawson says, “It’s easy for musicians to get very irritating very quickly. MACca has driven people up the wall with his ‘holier than thou’ approach to his divorce, two-fingered peace gesture and penchant for wearing trainers with suits.”

The top ten ‘most irritating stars’ is as follows:

Source: Contact Music


11 Responses

  1. Sounds like Heather Mills stuffed the ballot box on this one. It doesn’t even make sense to put McCartney in this category much less be the one to top. I think someone had an agenda with this “poll”.

  2. OH MY GOD NO,NO,NO!!!……………..Who did this poll! Heather Mills,Amy Winehouse,Britney Spears………c’mon now,let’s use our brains! Sir Paul said he was gonna change his hand signals,give him a break!….THIMK!!!!!!…………………………….LINDA

  3. when did trainers with suits become UNhip? everyone i know still thinks that’s the coolest thing….my English professor wears chuck taylors with his suits and it’s just the hippest vibe…and anyway what about david tennant on doctor who? people are odd..

  4. this is the worst poll i have ever seen. it is totally wrong. paul doesnt even belong on this list.

  5. To put Paul McCartney in ANY category with Amy Winehouse is pure, unadulterated BLASPHEMY.

  6. I actually did tell Paul he was annoying in an online chat he did a long time ago. Well actually I wrote “Why do you always tell the same stories?” and “Why do you always tell such bad jokes?” Sure, I’m a Beatles fan and I like all the Beatles, but Paul has never been my favorite one. If I liked guys who wear sneakers with suits, I never would have liked the Beatles to begin with. (Beatle boots, *drool*. . .)

  7. This poll is entirely overrated. Anyone been to that website? This sounds like a sensationalistic “poll” to get noticed – seems to have worked.

    The website sells second-hand CDs…hardly worth much notice, unless you are looking for some deals. 🙂

  8. Cynthia, you are just an annoying poster.
    first of all, your a lier, you never told Paul a dam thing.
    judging from your ignorant hateful comments, you do not like the Beatles at all.
    we can all see how you are cynthia……

  9. If he is so annoying, why are all shows sold out? Why are there grandparents, parents and children all hugging, singing, smiling and crying together at his shows? Not to sound like a hippie (I am only 32), but if more people flashed the peace sign these days, maybe this world wouldn’t be such a violent place.

  10. Cynthia has my vote, she is the most annoying poster here.

  11. Most egotistical, perhaps. Most irritating? I think not. I’d say it’s just a very skewed poll. It’s extremely easy to “stuff the ballots” with an online poll, after all. I’m sure Paul’s not taking it seriously, and neither am I.

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