Ringo Starr vows to return to incensed Liverpool.

Don’t worry folks, Ringo will make it back to LIverpool.  God, that sounds silly.

So maybe he’s become a little ornary.  That’s OK he’s allowed.  We know that Ringo has had a little bit of a sarcastic past, and not all of his interviews have been, shall we say, stellar.  Dear readers, he will make amends with his hometown, and will be embraced once again.  Let’s just give it time.

He just had a great interview with Dave Stewart on HBO.  In this interview special Ringo Starr: Off the Record, he was laid back and spoke fondly of his own history in the spotlight. If you haven’t seen it, check out the reviews of the special below.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Ringo played behind the kit a bit as well.  It was one of the best interviews I’ve actually ever seen him give.

In case you missed the show the first time around, they are showing it again.  Maybe some kind soul will Tivo it and send it my way. 

Here are the upcoming East Coast broadcast times for the show in the upcoming days. You should check listings for your time zone: Sun 5/11 05:00 PM HBO – EAST, Thu 5/15 10:00 PM HBO – EAST, Sat 6/7 12:30 PM HBO2 – EAST, Sun 6/15 10:00 PM HBO2 – EAST. (Thanks to Jim Eimont.)

Here’s what we’ve read.

Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has pledged that he will return to his home city of Liverpool, in spite of incurring the wrath of its residents.

The veteran musician has been severely panned by fellow Liverpudlians after he recently admitted on Jonathan Ross’s chat show that he missed “nothing” about his birthplace.

The statement ironically came just days after performing at Liverpool’s City of Culture celebrations.

It was being reported that an elaborate tribute to the Fab Four, featuring the group as life-size shrubbery figures in Liverpool’s South Parkway train station, had been destroyed as a result of his remarks, with Ringo’s head cut off.

However, friends insist that Ringo, 67, who is mostly based in Los Angeles, will not be cowed and say he plans to return to Liverpool later this year to meet his relatives.

“Ringo has been amazed by all the trouble his comments have caused, as he thought people would take it as a joke,” the Daily Express quoted a family insider, as saying.

“It certainly isn’t going to stop him going back to Liverpool. It’s likely he’ll pop back later in the year to see relatives but he’ll almost certainly try to keep his next visit low key,” the family insider added. 

Source: Daily India


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