McCartney seeks Mick’s touring advice.

Funny. You’d think it would be the other way around.  I would love to be a fly on the wall hearing these two rock superstars trade advice on the life of a touring sueprstar.  I wonder how much their priorities, as far as touring, have changed that now both member’s of rock’s true royalty have hit senior citizen status.

Instead of advice on how to request bowls full of brown M & M’s, choice drugs, which groupie birds are the ones to bag, I imagine them swapping tips on which Maalox and Denture cream is the best.  We jest of course, but little news stories like this simply reinforce what looks to be inevitable.

Paul will be touring anytime soon.  It’s just a matter of when at this point.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney has asked former chart rival Sir Mick Jagger for advice.

The Beatles legend – who is set to embark on a world tour later this year – has reportedly approached the Rolling Stones frontman for tips on surviving life on the road, now he is in his sixties.

A source revealed: “Paul is really good friends with Mick. Despite rumours of rivalry, they’ve been mates since they started out in the sixties.

“Mick has advised him to take a relaxing break before he embarks on the tour and then to try and factor one or two days more than usual between shows if possible. He said that it is the travelling that is the really tiring thing.”

The Rolling Stones completed a two-year world tour in August last year, when Mick was 64.

Paul – who recently finalised his divorce from Heather Mills – turns 66 next month.

Source: Critics and Monsters


2 Responses

  1. It’s great that Paul and Mick can talk.
    They both are great artists, and neither show signs of slowing down.

  2. Traveling as billionairs sounds like luxury to me. They’ve got their own planes and people dong everything for them. All they have to do is get on stage and sleepwalk through their golden hits. And after a two hour set they have earned more money than I can ever dream of. Think about them old blues guys back in the day. That was a hard life in the music business. Doing music as a pop star these days is really a privilege. Even at old age.

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