McCartney and Starr to reunite?

Well folks, I’ll believe this news when I see it.  I know that Paul and Ringo have performed on the same stage together in the past.  But this time would really be special.  A true homecoming for two town heroes. It’s hard to believe an internet rumor like this, but we did proclaim 2008 as the Year of The Beatle. 

Maybe this performance will be the grand announcement that they would be releasing the remastered back catalog, and that the Fab Four would be available for download.  That would be quite the command performance from The Two-tles.  Heck, the could debut the “new” Beatle track “Now and Then.”  That would be something.  Could you imagine that performance?

We’ll belive the rumor of this performance when we see it.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Beatles fans have been sent into a frenzy over rumours Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are set to reunite on stage in an historic performance. To celebrate the city being named 2008’s Capital of Culture, the Fab Four’s hometown of Liverpool, England is hosting the Sound City music festival, where McCartney is set to take to the stage.


And after Liverpool City Council granted McCartney’s production company $3.4m (€2.1m) to stage the event, fans are now speculating the singer is secretly planning a special gig – with his former bandmate Starr.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Star: “There’s been a lot of chat in Beatles fan chatrooms on the internet and the feeling is that it could happen.”

The four-day festival takes place from May 27-30 at the Hard Days Night Hotel and various other city venues.

Source: Ireland On-line


6 Responses

  1. I Hope it’s true. peace & Love

  2. A dream come true!
    I would LOVE this to be a true news story!

    Make it happen Paul and Ringo!

  3. It would be the dream concert, even if ringo just came on stage and hugged paul, it would be worth it.
    As Matt had said, having an announcement about “Now and then”, would be so awesome.
    I know some people would say that since George decided to stop working on the song, we should just give up on it.
    But did the other Beatles ever stop to think, maybe john didn’t release “Free as a bird” or “Real love”, because he felt they were not strong enough songs?
    And George really didn’t want Jeff Lynne producing Brainwashed, but Olivia and Dhani had him do it any way.
    And yes it’s past due, to have the Beatles music released as downloads.
    Seeing Paul and Ringo together again does warm my heart.
    Is it really so wrong to want to see them together, i say no.
    Would it make George and John mad, i think they will be smiling from heaven.

  4. If Ringo goes to Liverpool, they might chop his head off!

  5. I’m excited and I dont live anywhere near liverpool. any chance either of them will come to New Zealand?
    (I’m just kidding but one can dream….)

  6. they are the two greatest musicians in the world.
    let’s ask them to finish now and then.

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