According to May Pang, John Lennon planned to reunite The Beatles

We’ve heard grumblings throughout the years that John Lennon had tried to get the Fab Four back together. We’ve heard that Paul had tried to do the same, but for whatever reason(s) it was never to be. Logistics didn’t happen. Phone calls weren’t answered. Other studio times were booked. And even their moods changed about the idea of reuniting as The Beatles.

This is the first first-hand account that I can think of hearing though, that details the plans, and attempts at trying to get the Fab Four back together. It certainly is interesting to hear. As I read May’s account of the attempts to get back together, my heart flutters a bit with anticipation. You know, excitement that secretly the four of them really did get together. I know it is not to be true as history has shown us, but it’s great to let your mind wander and create this alternate history where the Fab Four live on for another day together. This is such a great interview with May Pang, lots of these stories have gone totally unheard before.

By the way, if you haven’t bought May Pang’s new book of Lennon photos, Instamatic Karma, I highly recommed getting it. The photos are so beautiful, and paint such an intimate portrait of John. They are unlike anything I have ever seen.

Here’s what we’ve read.

May Pang’s disclosure rewrites history of the most influential pop music group.

Former John Lennon paramour May Pang revealed that Lennon—the man who instigated The Beatles’ break-up—actively planned to reunite them in 1974, but that “logistics” got in the way, The Rip Post has learned.

This is the first report ever that Lennon not only wanted to make new Beatles music, but planned to do it.

Pang’s revelation came during a lengthy interview with Casey Piotrowski, host of the nationally syndicated weekly radio program, “The Beatles Show,” in which she said that the ex-Beatle wanted to record one new song with the group as a prelude to a possible formal reunion. “If one (song) comes around and it works, maybe we’ll do another,” Lennon said, according to Pang. “It was to be behind the scenes. A quick one-off, and let’s see from there.”

Piotrowski’s full interview with Pang airs May 3 on WPMD-FM, the Cerritos College station, and later in 23 other markets across the country. (See box below for full list of stations.) In a follow-up interview with The Rip Post, Pang confirmed the reunion story, and added that Lennon considered upstate New York, possibly Syracuse, as site for the new Beatles session. There was no talk of song titles, and the plan never got past the talking stage, but Pang said it was clear that this was something Lennon “absolutely” intended to do.

“John really thought about it at one point, and we were considering it early on in ’74, just for the hell of it,” said 57-year-old Pang, reached in New York. “Harry Nilsson wanted to be a part of it. We said, oh, that would be a good idea—a one-off, and we would do it in the fall. We were thinking about upstate New York, like Syracuse, because Ringo couldn’t be in New York City. We were in the middle of a lawsuit and he didn’t want to be subpoenaed.”

The astonishing revelation is not in Pang’s new book of snapshots and short reminiscences based on her time with Lennon, “Instamatic Karma” (St. Martin’s), and was not in her first book about Lennon, “Loving John,” published in 1983. She has not mentioned it in other recent interviews.

“It could just be that no one ever asked the question of her before: did John ever speak about reuniting the Beatles?” said radio host Piotrowski. “The remarks (to me) came so naturally and were so unrehearsed that I absolutely believe them. And, if she was just trying to sell the book, she would have put that information in there.”

Asked why the report had not come out before, Pang said she erroneously thought she had included it in her first book, “Loving John.”

“I thought I’d put it in there,” she told The Rip Post. “And then people said to me, ‘I don’t remember reading that!’ . . .But I think a lot of things were cut out. See, I wrote about 600 pages, and my co-author (Henry Edwards) was really the point man they went to. I was a novice, not the seasoned person. If I wanted something in, they didn’t consult me. I may say it, but half the time it didn’t go in. . .So in the end, I did not realize what was in or wasn’t. But that was one of the things that I did talk about. I found my 600 page original manuscript, and I’m considering putting back stories that didn’t make it the first time.”

Source: Rip Rense
(Click above link to read entire article. It’s a really long interview, and we’ve only postedthe half of it.)


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  1. hi

  2. what a crock. This Pang will come up with anything to keep herself in the news. Now she is going to rewrite her 600 page book, boy talk about rewriting history. and she complains that people do it to her. May Pang is a self aggrandizing money grubber who just can’t stock making a buck off Lennon.

  3. The previous post by “Lucy” is absurd. Pang has written two books in almost 30 years. She was a key part of Lennon’s life, and has an important story to tell. She is almost never “in the news” as Lucy suggests and has kept a low profile through the years. As for the claim in the new story being a “crock,” I think it has the ring of truth. Lennon was trying to find himself during the “lost weekend.” It was the first time in his life he was not Beatle John or part of John and Yoko. He was hanging out on a friendly basis with his old bandmates. He recorded with George and Ringo for “Ringo,” with George on “Imagine,” and was seeing Paul frequently on a social basis—even jamming with him once. He told a TV interviewer that The Beatles “might” get back together. Why then, is it a “crock” to think that he didn’t have casual conversations about tentatively planning to do so—for just one song? Lucy, your comment is the “crock,” not the article.

  4. The whole lost weekend was a crock. John would never have even been with May if YOKO hadn’t set it up. For May to take all this glory when she was nothing more then an assigned concubine to Lennon is absurd.

  5. Tch tch. Such vitriol, Lucy. Do you have any idea how to express yourself in civil fashion? Tch tch. No diamonds or sky for you.

  6. what can I say? I do not like May Pang. I have not cursed or used vulgar language so this is as civil as it gets. I hate how she exploits John to no end and tries to inflate her importance in his life to no end. It’s time for her to get over it already.


  8. Yes they did and Yes it is.

  9. This person calling themselves “Lucy” seems to have some kind of personal vendetta against May Pang that goes far beyond anything normal for a fan. I suspect, as do others, that she/he is actually someone who was, at one time, in Pang’s inner circle and now is not and is jealous.

    The comments, in dozens of internet forums, reveal a fury so intense it can only come from personal experience. This may be a former friend, or employee, or in-law whot holds some kind of grudge, or it could be someone connected to the pportunistic “musician” who lives with her ex. Whoever it is, their comments are all about a personal grudge and do not reflect the facts.

    For example, if “no one cares” about Pang and her story, then why is she in the press? She can’t put herself there, members of the press have to contact her and they would only do that if they were interested and felt the general public would be, too. National TV programs are not in the habit of inviting on guests of no interest, so the mere fact that she was on Good Morning America or Howard Stern proves the point.

    The new book has received much praise and enormous national attention, including a very long review in The NY Times, a review in the LA Times and two in the Washington Post. These reviews are the top of the line and are the absolute hardest to get, so obviously those institutions found the book worthy of their attention.

    Jealousy is not pretty to see or read, yet ‘Lucy” cannot help himself/herself. The enormous attention now being paid to the book and to May is obviously driving her/him crazy.

    Whoever you are, Lucy, we feel sorry for you and hope you get some help with your anger, you need it. In the meantime remember every word you write about May Pang shines more light on her, and proves she is indeed newsworthy.

  10. ok for the wankers……

    The ONLY reason May Pang is in the news is cause she has something to sell about JOHN LENNON. People don’t care about May, they care about JOHN LENNON. Anyone that has anything to sell about JOHN LENNON is gonna get in the press, whether your name is April, May or June.

  11. I personally think May Pang should get over John Lennon and move on with her life. I believe her husband left her due to her still clinging to John. I know John must be a though act to follow though.

  12. The truth is, if John really loved May, why did he get back with yoko?
    I hate to say it but, May was a friend yes, but also a lover, meaning someone to fornicate with when they were needed.
    I think May really misunderstood John’s feelings for her.
    The photos are nice and of course, the music he made when he was with her is awesome, Mind games, Walls and bridges and Rock n’ roll.
    But maybe she should concentrate on her husband and children more.
    I’m not attacking May, but it would be more healthy for her to move on….And the same goes for….
    Mark hudson.
    Nancy andrews
    Patti boyd
    Pete best
    you guys had your time, move on folks nothing left to talk about here.
    sorry if i sound sarcastic…

  13. What dunderheads. The Beatles’ story is one of the most interesting, compelling, and important stories of the 20th century. Not opinion—fact. It is a huge and fascinating part of history. Anyone associated with such a story has not only a right, but really a duty, to shed whatever light he or she can shed. That includes Mark Hudson, Pete Best, Nancy Andrews, Patti Boyd, May Pang, and everyone else associated with the band. You Dodos.

  14. Agreed Charlie, they should share their stories and “shed light”

    But they should NOT over-inflate their importance in such stories, and embellish their stories and self aggrandize themselves with their stories just to make a buck and please their own egos. And they ALL do it.

    After all as you said, it is the BEATLES people are really interested in.

  15. I have read Patti Boyd’s book, Nancy Andrews’ book, Cynthia Lennon’s book and now May Pang’s book and never, ever once did I feel that any of these women were “over inflating” their importance to George, Ringo and John or embellishing anything. They don’t need to, their place in history is secure. They were eyewitnesses to history and their stories have enormous value to the world.

    These women offer us such a gift– truly intimate behind the scenes looks at the lives of 4 men whose music literally changed history. They were there for so many historic moments–the Cavern Club shows, Ed Sullivan, the making of Hard Day’s Night and Help, the recording of the albums, the founding and eventual breakup of Apple and the Beatles themselves. The “insider” look into their solo careers is also fascinating and so valuable to true fans.

    There have been many books published about the Beatles but these gals are different because they’re not record biz execs or roadies or engineers or professional journalists, they’re family. This makes a huge difference. Their accounts show us the personal side of the Beatles talent, their struggles and their successes. We learn so much about the men and where all this wonderful music came from. True fans know this and are grateful that these ladies took the time to get it all down on paper.

    In the meantime, I find it ironic that Lucy rants about people over-inflating their importance in Beatles history but she conveniently leaves out the ONE person who has spent every waking moment in the last 40+ years doing just that and making a fortune at it. The biggest money has come after her husband’s death; without him around to interfere, it opened the door for her to actually CHANGE HIS ART and HIS MUSIC and insert herself into it, as if she belonged there, which she clearly believes she does. Utterly despicable.

    People who ask silly questions like “if John loved May why did he get back with Yoko?” should also wonder “if George loved Patti why did he marry Olivia?” or “if Ringo loved Maureen why was he with Nancy?” or “if John loved Yoko why was he with May?” or “if the Beatles were so great why did they break up?”

  16. BRAVO Mindgame! People conveniently forget that Yoko and her husband Tony Cox stalked John to get money from him and that later she wasted millions of dollars of HIS MONEY on worthless films and albums of her horrifying noises she calls music.

    Just IMAGINE what kind of career she would have had without John’s money or name or fame? Think she would have had a record deal or a book deal?

  17. ok “Mindgame” the name says a lot. And Yoko is no saint either but since Jonh’s only been dead for 28 years how has she been making money off him for 40 years?

  18. and how is Yoko “inserting herself” wrong since she was his WIFE and self proclaimed “other half of the sky” to John?

  19. first of all, yoko did not stalk john, he came to her art show.

    “if George loved Patti why did he marry Olivia?” , because George no longer loved Patti, simple as that.

    “if Ringo loved Maureen why was he with Nancy?”, he didn’t love Maureen anymore.

    “if John loved Yoko why was he with May?”, honestly, just for sex.

    “if the Beatles were so great why did they break up?”

    they wanted their space, they were tired of each other.

    anymore stupid questions, honey?

    as far as these women offering us a gift, i laugh at that.

    it’s not a gift if the majority of their stories are fabricated and told out of revenge.

    nancy, patti, may and cynthia got revenge.

    as far as yoko, she’s more of a lady then any of those (blanks) could ever be.

    mindgames and abbi, listen to their music, not the devil’s radio gossip, you might understand more.

  20. lucy, your opinions are right on the money, don’t listen to that dodo dunderhead charlie, he’s a bit intoxicated. and beatle bob most likely is either charlie, abbi or silly mindgames girl.
    laugh it off people, it’s only may pang, not one of the beatles.
    and ladies, please don’t get the skirts uproared, beatle wives, did nothing for their music at all.
    they were just there.

  21. That’s right Yoko did nothing for Johns music except fuck around with it after he was dead

  22. at least yoko is making it available and protecting it.

  23. Protecting it? Changing John’s work and re-mixing an album to make it what SHE wants? You call this protecting his work? It’s FUCKING WITH IT!!!

  24. I have an easy solution…if you’re not interested in hearing someone’s side of the Beatles story or think they’re milking someone’s legacy, then don’t buy their book. If you are, hey, it’s a free country.

    Let’s be nice fans to each other now. We’re all supposed to be about peace and love. 🙂

  25. guys be nice.
    support now and then.
    veronica and derek, please be kind.

  26. I did get May Pang’s book, waiting for it to arrive… I sure hope there are tons of info there that i still don’t know.. 🙂

    Long live the beatles

  27. I am glad that the Beatles never got back together.
    How could they top what they already accomplished?
    They are far and away my favorites,but other than an occasional get-together ala Cream,I think they knew that getting back together would actually hurt their legacy. John was getting very sentimental around the time of the “lost weekend” and possibly,they all might’ve done another album or tour and then gone their seperate ways again.Also,what about George?
    Does anyone on this board think he would’ve wanted to get back to the Beatles after all the years that he labored in the shadow of LenMac? I doubt it.
    Of all the Beatles,George was the most satisfied with a solo career.He barely wanted to get to work on the Anthology and that was after 15 years of being split up.
    I think had they tried it,they would’ve soon gotten tired of McCartney (who had a succesful band after the Beatles and was busy with that) bossing them around.
    We FabFans would be well advised to be thankful for the what we have and not yearn for more.
    Or else,form our own tribute bands!

  28. It would’ve been fine, they were older and more savvy. Calling it a one off was smart on John’s part, took away the pressure to re-create something and made it just for fun. He did some jamming with Paul and enjoyed it so it was probably only a matter of time until it happened…IF he hadn’t gone back to prison

  29. From May Pang’s website–she will be on the CBS News Sunday Morning Show this Sunday, May 11th at 9am Eastern.

  30. Veronica/Lucy or whoever you are, your comments show such ignorance of the facts it’s astonishing.

    You say that Yoko didn’t stalk John. I beg to differ, perhaps you should read the Tony Bramwell book along with the many others who recount her actions in detail:

    After John happened to attend her art show (he had never heard of her, it was just a fluke) she and her husband Tony Cox set out on a mission to get money from John to continue their “art.” At the time, the two of them were flat broke and way behind on the rent in their flat. They agreed that Yoko should do whatever it took to land John as a benefactor and sponsor. They also agreed to split whateve she got.

    Her campaign for money began almost immediately. She showed up at Apple, day after day, and insisted on seeing John. He had no interest and she was told to leave but she refused. For weeks she sat there in their lobby waiting for him to grant her a meeting. The execs in the office were furious and wanted to call the police to remove her but it was not the cool thing to do in those days so they didn’t.

    Eventually, John did see her once and that only magnified her desire to continue her stalking. This went on for weeks. Occasionally, he would talk to her but he told everyone at Apple that he thought she was nuts and that he didn’t want her around. The stalking continued.

    Apparently one time he took her in his car where they had sex in the backseat in full view of the driver, so Yoko took this as progress.

    This started a new kind of stalking, when she began showing up outside his home where his wife Cynthia and child Julian were. Again, it went on for weeks. She would just stand there for hours, in all kinds of weather, waiting, in a place where Cyn could see her. They really wanted his money and this is how she thought she could get it.

    Eventually she wore John down and she did get her money, for as soon as they became a couple, she began doing “art” projects that he funded.

    Yoko did keep her promise to Cox–she had Lennon pay him off, in cash, at the time of their divorce. So their plan worked in every way.

    All this information is in several books. You need to read before you speak next time.

  31. We all have watched the Stones over the years and seen how they’ve evolved. I went to a concert on their last tour and they rocked the house down.
    It would’ve been cool if the Fabs could’ve disposed of the Myth well enough to loosely “stay together” as the Stones have done and we fans could’ve seen them evolve as they grew into middle-age and beyond.
    I feel sort of pessimistic about the chances of that actually happening. the Beatles were bound by their Myth and I doubt that anything they did as “The Beatles” would be worthwhile-but there might’ve been the odd stroke of genius or something.
    We have all their solo recordings and that is good enough for me. I guess if someone wants them reunited badly enough,they can assemble a recording of the best of their solo efforts in a series and call that “new” post-1970 Beatles recordings.
    I doubt if they would soound much different than the White Album or Abbey Road.
    In defense of Yoko,which of you females out there have not “stalked” the man they’ve chosen?
    Some of her “art” (as is put by some contributors here),I happen too like. Have you read “Grapefruit”?
    You should. If you did,you’d see one reason why Lennon “gave in” to her. “Grapefruit” is a good collection of writing. Some of her solo work is good.
    Try to listen to “Fly” or “Approximate Infinite Universe”,to name two.
    Even Cynthia Lennon recognized that John and Yoko were meant for each other.
    After all this time,is it still necessary to describe Y.O. as some sort of she-devil? I don’t think so.
    If all of us have respect and love for John Lennon than we should not be so hateful towards the one woman who he confessed to actually “Loving”.
    After I read “Grapefuit”,I realized that those two were indeed two of a kind. They belonged together.
    Of course, with those two,it’s a certainty that their relationship would be extra-ordinary and not a very conventional one,in some respects.(In others,they are no different in behavior than any other married couple.)They were two oddballs in search of each other;perhaps Ono recognized that sooner than Lennon did,but isn’t that they way it “always” works?

  32. “In defense of Yoko,which of you females out there have not “stalked” the man they’ve chosen?”

    No female I know has stalked someone like Yoko stalked John, for weeks and weeks on end, because she’d be in jail if she did. It’s against the law, or didn’t you realize that?

    If this were happening today, Yoko would have been arrested and with good reason.

  33. mindgame, what makes you think those books are telling the truth.
    tony has never gotten his facts straight, and may pang keeps changing her stories about john.
    i’m not a yoko fan, but your hate for her is a bit sick.
    veronica, i don’t care for yoko and i know for sure, she’s not a saint, as for protecting john’s music, she has done a decent job, but theres so much more in the vaults, why deny us of this?
    p.s. john came to yoko, if anyone was a stalker it was mr. lennon.

  34. I am right, and all of you are wrong.
    Iknow my facts, so screw yourselves!!!!!!!!!

  35. The last post, just above, was not made by me

    I assume it was made by the Lucy/Veronica/Raj person who is so intent on having the last word he/she invents retorts to her/his own posts!

    Editors of books work hard to check facts before publishing and they challenge authors to show proof of their statements. Once publilshed, allegations made in books are considered accurate unless challenged. So far, I know of no challenges, in the press or privately, to the Tony Bramwell book or the Patti Boyd book or any of the other books.

    These books named names…and most of the people are still alive. Persons who felt maligned or misrepresented in any of the books would take immediate steps to seek a retraction or public apology. For example, Eric Clapton is portrayed as a sad and emotionally abusive drunk in Boyd’s book…he has said nothing to refute her claims and in fact describes similar and often worse stories in his book.

    If this Lucy/Veronica person had ever actually read any of these books, she/he would understand. But that’s never going to happen. He/she seems to prefer an attitude of smug ignorance.

    I’m sure if Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Julian Lennon or any of the others discussed find lies or misstatements in the books, they’ll come out in the press about it. Until then, I think we can assume the statements stand as written.

  36. Cynthia/Derek/Charlie/Lucy/Raj/Veronica/Beatle Bob/Abbie/Mu/Go retro girl

    whoever you are, you make me sick you are the same person talking to yourself.
    I have studied each post and I can see you as a filthy snake.
    I will try and have you banned.
    this is very ignorant of you.

  37. yeah ok May, what ever you say. I guess it is impossible for you to believe that more then one person in the world thinks May Pang is a full of shit skank.

    • Yeah ok yoko lover I think you really need to read history before you start opening that mouth of yours u are sounding very stupid now

  38. Um…Mindgame, I am only one person on here. My name links to my blog. And I only said one little comment about us trying to get along…how does make someone a “filthy snake?”

  39. As I said before, GoRetroGirl, I can tell that all the writings are the same.
    sorry if you were caught acting this way, a simple apology might make it o.k.
    I am waiting……………………………………….
    And lucy I know now, that you are GoRetroGirl.
    As i said…..apologize and it’s over, continue and your banned.

  40. Again, I did not make the last 2 posts under the name Mindgame. A defect of this site is that anyone can sign in using any name they choose, including the name of another poster.

    GoRetroGirl, Bob, Charlie etc I have no gripe with you and never have. But someone in here is surely trying to use you to make their point.

    I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on here, as Beatle Bob said the other day. Lucy/Raj/Veronica are, of course, the same person with the same agenda, over and over…the same crude words, the same bad grammar, the same anger, and now, threats, as if she/he had the power to ban someone from this site! I don’t think so.

    The real fans who post here don’t need to start fights or make threats or be insulting. They’re here to share ideas and perhaps learn something, not show off.

  41. I am no one but Lucy!! No need to impersonate anyone as I have no problem whatsoever saying that I can’t stand May Pang. If others agree with me then so be it. If they do not so be it. I do not need a posse to make my points.

  42. Why do you keep talking about May Pang when nobody else is? This is a Beatles forum, not a May Pang forum.

    You seem obsessed with her, like a rejected lover.

  43. hardly bob, and these comments are set up to respond to an article about May Pang – According to May Pang, John Lennon planned to reunite The Beatles – that is the title of this article. This is not a beatles forum. It is my opinion that “according to May Pang” she is full of crock. A buzzard milking off the dead. disgusting. now she is talking about putting out MORE books. Christ how much can you say about a lousy 18 months. What a f***ing WH**re!!!!!

  44. Interesting round of discussions here. If I could interject, There is video that backs up the Lennon claim about a Beatle reunion.

  45. Oh John was always giving the same response. There is a video from 1973 with John and Elliot Mintz saying possibly, then there is this video you mention above which is from 1975. Evertime John was asked about a Beatle reunion he always responded the same way, “you never know” etc. This is not a new revelation by Pang, she just wants all the credit for it.

  46. Obsessed

    Please take your problem with May Pang to a shrink, you’ve really got it bad for her and we can’t help you

  47. fuck you bob. you don’t get it.

  48. Lucy, The thing is, it isn’t Pang who is saying it. It’s John. He was really in a different frame of mind at that time. Like he was free. The point being, May P. said it was kicked around about the reunion and there is video other than Mintz that he says this. Not that it matters much in the big picture. After all, John put May in a life long position. It isn’t something that you could just shrug off. It sticks with you forever.

  49. I see what your saying sunking, but don’t forget it was Yoko who pushed John and May together. It was not John’s idea. So I do not see how John put May in a lifelong position, I think May just can’t deal with John dumping her, and now all she wants to do is try to sell the world that she was the big deal in his life. History shows this is not the case.

  50. Okay, as far as Yoko pushing them together, sure. May admits it. John didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to do. The thing is, John sounds very scripted AFTER the “Lost Weekend” (see the Playboy Interview) he seems to dislike everybody. He really left this world with a bad attitude. And I think if a person read that interview out of curiosity it wouldn’t exactly gain him any new fans. This new book shows a happy John. You got to admit, That picture of John & Paul lounging outside is priceless. Yoko would have never let that happen.

  51. well Yoko is a C**t too, don’t get me wrong, and yeah that interview he did seem bitter. I guess rather then go into a big long debate about it ,I would have to sum it up and say that none of the women John was with were the “right one'” for him. Cynthia and May are a lot alike, no wonder they are friends, but they were both young, naive, and unprepared to deal with a man as complex as Lennon. Yoko could take care of him and understood how to handle a complex man since she had been around the block a bit, maybe too much, but Yoko certainly did not give John the LOVE he needed.

  52. I don’t understand where you’re coming from then Lucy.
    John puts all of these women in a position where their lives are forever impacted. Writing a book doesn’t hurt John, he was good at doing that on his own. So you’ll hate someone for writing about their time with him? John is gone for a while now and these women have to carry on. I for one was very curious too see the pictures in the new book and some really shocked me. He looked happy and healthy and all of his friends were right there. Look at him by 1980. I choose the May Pang era John. I think you are way too harsh on Pang and should give her credit where it’s due.

  53. It’s not about hating these people, it’s about hating how they all exploit him. They put words in his mouth that he cannot deny or verify, they self aggrandize themselves to be either heros or victims depending on who is telling, Cynthia of course is the victim, Yoko of course is the hero and May is sort of both. This is what these women are selling. I think they are all jockying for position and it disgusts me. I bought May’s book for the photos, not to hear her talk on and on about how they shared the greatest love of all time. I intend to also but Tannenbaums book, again for the photos, not to hear Yoko talk about how they shared the greatest love of all time.

  54. I saw Tannenbaum’s book. Nothing great. May’s book is better by leaps and bounds. I believe you said you hated May, now you say you don’t hate. John was the king of exploitation. He did it all the time. This is what his life was. He wanted the world to listen to him and that was that. Why souldn’t the people around him do the same? You mean to tell me if it was you instead of May (providing you are female) you would sit back and do nothing?

  55. Yes. If I had been in May’s position, I would have kept my memories to myself and cherished them privately. I would not come out all guns blazing with all this hype just to get back at Yoko for leaving me out of a sucky musical, trying to prove to the world that I was more then an arranged concubine for a rock star.

  56. and I did not say I hated May, I said I did not like her, that she was a skank and a whore.

  57. and really what position was it that May was in? It amounts to sexual harrassment for an employer to “arrange” for you to be their spouses lover. If she had any dignity she would have quit on the spot.

  58. I can’t buy that for one second. You would have done the same thing. It’s what it is. It would be sort of written out for you to do this. There are people who never met a Beatle writing books. Now that bothers me. May knew them all. That in itself is huge. She was more than John’s lover. She worked for them long before. I for one am looking forward to meeting May one day and ask her questions first hand. Wouldn’t you?

  59. What can’t you buy? that May was taken advantage of? or that I would have kept quiet if it was me? here’s an example of a woman of class for you. JANE ASHER. never said a word, wrote a book, etcetc about her time with Paul. It CAN be done.

  60. May did not work for all the beatles! sheesh how old are you? she worked for John and Yoko, and got to hang out with the other beatles by proxy to being John’s assigned concubine. Man even the FANS can’t get the facts straight.

  61. When I was referring to “them” I was speaking of John & Yoko. Pardon my poorly worded sentence. Jane Asher isn’t dead yet. Did you ever meet any of John’s women? You appear to be an expert on them.

  62. Technically, May Pang worked for all the Beatles when she was employed by their management company, ABKCO, in NYC.

    The Lennons met her there and she worked on some of their projects. When they moved to NYC they asked that she change jobs and just work for them.

  63. This is all so trivial, people just get over may and listen to the music.
    It’s very sad that people on this forum have to fight like this, I consider myself more mature and above that type of behavior.
    Listen up!
    Grow up people!
    You guys are starting to make me sick, in fact when i say guys, i really mean guy.
    there is only one person typing here, but has 12 names, you know i’m right!

  64. then I guess it’s all YOU Mindgame

  65. Again, the above post was not written by me. It’s the same person doing the impersanation act.

    Anyone who has read my real posts and the posts of that other person (Lucy, Veronica etc etc) can tell immediately who is who, just by the overall tone and choice of words. I don’t need to use foul language to make my points, and I actually know how to spell and put a proper sentence together.

    Lucy clearly doesn’t know many words. Over and over, in this forum and others, she/he likes to use the word “ignorant” and say things like “you people make me sick.” She also likes the words “skank” and “f*cking whore” especially when describing May Pang.

    You are fooling no one. You can change your name 100 times but it won’t help, because you can’t control your anger, your foul mouth and your obvious lack of education.

    This Lucy person pulled the same act over at the May Pang page at Wikipedia and is now banned from posting on that site. Her/his computer’s address is well known to the monitors there.

    Beatle Bob said it best…this person is utterly obsessed with May Pang. A casual fan would never waste so much time endlessly posting about her on the internet.

  66. Interesting.

  67. I am not a fan of May Pang, casual or otherwise. She is a self aggrandizing whore and I dont give a crap about her Wikipedia page. I am not obsessed with Pang, I am against her bullshit exploitation of Lennon and if that means that I have to post everywhere on the internet to expose her bullshit then I will.

  68. I post alone by the way, there is no need for me to insult myself when all of you do it just fine.

  69. You used to love posting on Wikipedia until they took you off, it was like a personal anti May Pang forum for you.

    This obsession of yours has been going on for years. You’ve been stalk ing May Pang all over the internet, it’s a sickness how much you want to talk about her all the time. Are you sure you’re not madly in love with her and she’s turned you down, because you sure sound like a jealous lover to me.

    Amazing that you’re allowed to do this at work, on company time. I bet they wouldn’t like it if they knew.

  70. I never posted on Wiki articles, only made sugesstions on the talk pages. I am a woman so no not a jealous lover rebuked.

  71. The talk page is where your ranting got you forever banned, and with good reason. It was completely inappropriate, as it is here. Or anywhere.

    Maybe it’s not May who rebuked you…my guess is that you’re after somebody who’s in love with her and you’re insanely jealous.

  72. What the hell is going on here. Can’t we have a civil discussion without getting nuts on each other? If anybody is interested in a private email conversation, I would rather it off the boards. My email addy is If you are in attack mode, don’t bother me.

  73. I have no problem with you SunKing, Beatle bob keeps accusing me of things that are more then I have done. I admit that I post that I do not like May Pang or what she is doing on various boards on the web, but so what? That’s my opinion. I’d be happy to discuss other topics.

  74. I understand Lucy but you did come off a wee bit strong. I also understand that you don’t have to attack the Lennon women especially Pang out of the blue or because an article is posted on her. You don’t like her. We get it. But to go around the web (I did a quick search and saw you in a few articles) isn’t the nicest thing to do. I’m sure you have a lot of good Beatles knowledge to spread amongst the community.

  75. Fair enough Sunking. Point taken. I will find something else to talk about.

    Just don’t get me started on YOKO holding back the unseen Lennon footage that Tony Cox filmed, that she wants us to never see, and is in a lawsuit about.

  76. I agree on that. I suspect there is some real crap going on in that tape. I wish there was some 1980 Fred footage that would be put out.

  77. My God. I’ve just scanned some of these “comments.” So this is what happens to old Beatles fans? In the case of “Lucy,” we have a person with serious psychological illness of an ilk not unlike that which afflicted a certain piece of human wreckage current in prison for murdering John Lennon. One simply shakes one’s head and wonders how and why people become so obsessed, hateful, fixated with things that have nothing to do with their lives. “All the lonely people, where do they all belong?”

  78. That post above ULLA wasn’t me. So this place is damaged goods. I suggest everybody move on to a safer forum.

  79. I would hate to have to turn comments off on this page, but I may have to if we can’t keep things civilized.

    Please keep it civilized people.

  80. Of course those last 2 posts weren’t me, either, as if you couldn’t tell.

    The first one is a copy and paste of an earlier post, with some illiterate changes. I love the last “sentence” with all the commas, hilarious.

    The second one is another literary masterpiece, how about that second “sentence”? Scary.

    Then “Leo” posts…uh, I don’t think so. There’s only one person who would say “you are accusing people unjustified.” Nice grammar!

    Then a fake post for SunKing, all to set up her post after and her other post as ULLA (LL=Lucy Lennon).

    Obviously, Lucy has a lot of time on her hands. She should use it to take a 7th grade English course.

    SunKing is correct, this place is a just a Lucy Lennon showoff forum. Time to go and let her continue to post to herself. I will not make any further posts, so if it has my name, it’s not me.

  81. You guys are no fun.
    Other forums just take it in stride.

  82. Besides , I’m Lucy, not this Ulla.

  83. What forums do you speak?

  84. nevermind.
    I’m just leaving.
    whenever someone has their own opinion here, they get treated like shi*.
    free speech my azz.

  85. I’m mad at this lot.
    Never seen a Italian mad?
    We hurt, ever seen Godfather?
    stop doing this things, it’s not the right.
    I go, but return if it start again.

  86. For all the people who are criticizing May Pang, the truth of the matter is May Pang fell in love with John Lennon and not “The John Lennon” as he fell just as much in love with her. Yes May was given permission and was hand picked by Yoko Ono herself to be his companion but by all means did she expect them to fall in love. Atleast not for John. May and John did not hide their relationship from the world. This was not a one night stand or romps in a hotel room for almost two years. This was a loving relationship. During that time John found freedom away from a controlling woman and found normalcy with May. Some of his best music was written during that period of time. These pictures that were published are living proof of the contentment and happiness he found with May. It is an honor for us all for her to share these photographs with his fans. These pictures were in a shoe box for decades hidden away for only herself and a few chosen people to see. For people to make false accusations against her because of what ever reason is quite sad. Why should she not share her memories of such an extraordinary person? Yoko Ono still lives off of John Lennon. Yoko was a no talent controlling woman that wrapped herself so tightly around John. What kind of wife gives permission for her husband to go and have an affair? It is apparent she would do anything just to keep him. She was the one who was in it for the money. May Pang was extremely reluctant to have an intimate relationship with John. She might have been young and vulnerable and was easy to be persuaded by John but to think that a relationship of love did not develop from it is not knowing the real “BIG PICTURE” . This is the one we will never see because May carries that one around with her in her heart in soul. So she gave us the next best thing and that was by publishing a book with stories and incredible pictures of the man we all loved as well. So she makes some money off of it.” Big Deal”!!! So her marriage ended. That is ashame. But what makes anybody think that it was her fault? Maybe consider ,it might have been something he did. Maybe no one was at fault. As for why John went back to Yoko? Hey! John was human too and as brillaint of a man he was everyone makes mistakes. This is for Lucy! You are a pathetic soul. Your opinions are mute to me from now on. This is all I have to say in a nut shell. Write down your address so I can send you 50 cents so you can call someone who cares about what you have to say!


  87. You know what Lucy? I changed my mind. You know why? Because your negative comments I really took to heart. May is a dear friend of mine. She is one of the most honest and compassionate people I have ever met. To call her such vulger names is sickening. You are in a strange fantasy world which is very scary. Who gives you the right to voice your opinion of her like your an animal? So you don’t like her. That’s fine and you don’t have to. But to speak with such hostility about a woman that you do not know the first thing about is unacceptable to me. Please explain why you call her such vulgar names? Is there really a need for this. Is this what people have referred to you as and you feel the need to vent. There is a proper way to communicate and get your point accross negatively or possitively and you need to learn how. Please rush to the nearest library or book store and find the appropriate way to speak. You have a computer so go online put it to good use and google for that information.
    PLEASE PLEASE find a good therapist and hopefully with some hard work and good medication you will achieve this. Good Luck!


  88. You’re wasting your breath, Peace.

    Lucy is one sick person and likes it that way

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  90. Mindgame, don’t call me the Lucy.
    I am Ulla only, be carefull what you say, it can get bad.
    Lucy, you don’t have to like May, it’s ok, but why attack the lady who made John happy?
    Vero, if I read one more attack on me, you will be sorry, UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. It is so obvious how jealous Lucy is of May Pang. It is incredibly disturbing and frightening that she goes to such great lengths to try to
    make up her own version of someone elses life because she does not have a life of her own. Lucy can say and feel what she wants but she can’t change the truth. No matter how you slice or dice it people, there was a loving relationship between May Pang and John Lennon. Just because Yoko Ono asked May Pang to be with him,May did not lock him in a room for almost two years. He could have left anytime he wanted if he was so unhappy with her. He had money,he had friends and he could have had any woman that he wanted but instead he stayed with May Pang.

  92. Actually Nancy, John did not have money. His assets were tied up due to his immigration status and various lawsuits (Morris Levy) going on at the time. This info comes from May’s book Loving John. May said they lived off of a 10 thousand dollar advance from Capital records. This basically put them in the poverty level, hence they ate at IHOP and Burger King.
    As far as John leaving anytime he wanted too, sure he could have done that, but people seem to forget that this whole lost weekend thing started because John cheated on Yoko with a girl in a coat room during the 1972 elections. So Yoko tells him “go with this hand picked mistress and leave me alone for awhile”. John like many guilty adulterous males, went along with what his wife wanted so he could “atone” and take his punishment to win her back. Everyone knew this was temporary except May. Still I think Yoko was nuts to have pulled a stunt like this.

  93. You have a point Angie. Atleast about the money situation. I would hardly call it punishment though.
    You do not punish someone for a sin they commited and have them make it up to you by enforcing them to repeat the same sin. This is absurd!
    From all the stories I have heard though it is true Yoko hand picked May.
    Temporary is a short time. Eighteen months is far beyond temporary.
    I do not believe Yoko felt for one moment though that John would fall in love with May. This is why it was not temporary. I am sure she wanted him back long before then.
    Nobody really knows what happened. All everyone can do is assume.
    Any man that goes back to his wife will admit to the world that his relationship with someone else was a mistake but in their heart it undoubtedly meant something else. Come on, were talking about almost two years here.
    How can anyone believe that if a woman truly loved her husband she would punish him by pushing him to be with another woman.
    Yoko only loved one person and that was herself.
    Everyone can be in a debate here on who John Lennon loved more. Who really cares?
    The man is gone. Let him rest in peace.
    Let Yoko see him as she wants to. Let May see him as she wants to.
    For the rest of us we should worry about our own lives.
    If we are interested so much in other peoples lives as so many of us are just keep your opinions to yourselves.
    If we all really want to we can start a forum on the sad life of Lucy Lennon.
    Now that is what I would call interesting.

  94. Hi Nancy, I agree with most of what you have said, I just want to claify that when I said the situation was temporary I did not mean the amount of time, what I meant was that according to May (and this is all in her book, )Yoko kept her informed about her intentions all the way along. In the beginning Yoko warned May that she would fall in love with John, and after they moved into the penthouse in NY in June 1974, Yoko directly told May that she was thinking of taking John back. Yoko let May know many months before John actually returned to her that the situation would be ending at some point. I think Yoko was treating May like a little sister and trying to help May guard her feelings so that she would not become too emotionally invested in the situation which was kind of her, but I think May totally misunderstood the whole thing and thought that Yoko was simply giving her husband to her forever. It’s not her fault really, she was 22 and a bit starstruck, but I think it would have helped May to be a little bit more detached in order to proctect her own feelings.

  95. How long after Yoko met John, at the beginning, did she get him on heroin? Two weeks? This is how she got him under her control and she did it again to get him back from May Pang.

  96. Hi Wayout, Please let me know where it ever said that John took heroin. I have read May Pangs books and have listened to some of her interviews and do not ever recalling the use of heroin. I never heard Yoko Ono mention it either so I am very curious as to where you read or heard about it. Please let me know. Thanks.

  97. It’s in lots of books about the Beatles, like The Love You Make and the Goldman book. It’s pretty common knowledge, everyone has discussed it. Yoko was interviewed about it here:

    In the Goldman book he says after the lost weekend was over and John returned to Yoko he stayed in the house for 5 years but not as a house husband like everyone thinks, he says John stayed home for years watching TV and nursing his heroin addiction

    I’m sure there are plenty more book references to this somewhere

  98. Goldman is a questionable resource. Take with a large grain of salt. I have read accounts of John and Yoko doing H from 69-71, but never heard of him doing it during the lost weekend. H seemed to be something only he and Yoko shared. May was not into drugs and did not even drink according to her book. However, as for laying around and doing nothing, i beg to differ. There is film of him, watching the baby and yes even baking bread, which people seem to think was made up. There is a site called ‘Beatlelinks” which has the video, I will see if I can paste a url here:

    just scroll to the “Watching the Wheels” video and you will see him in the kitchen baking bread lol.

  99. Who said anything about May Pang and heroin? I was talking about what Yoko did to John.

    There is a lot about this in the Tony Bramwell book, too. He said Yoko stalked John and then quickly got him on heroin to get him under her control. And there are several reports that she did the same thing again when he returned home after the lost weekend, to regain control of him.

  100. I guess with Yoko it was all about control. Really sad and thanks for the info.

  101. We have all confirmed just how mentally unstable Lucy lennon is. She states over and over again the same bull. She is trying to make a name for herself by hiding behind a computer and posting nothing but lies. She will never admit to who he/she is because of the lies that have been created. I know that if I new something true to the fact I would stand up and show myself to prove that I am correct. John did love May. Learn to deal with it Lucy and get over it. Find a person to love you and you will then understand. Of course it won’t be John Lennon but that’s o.k.! Maybe go to the nearest animal shelter and get yourself a pet. You can even name it John if it will make you feel better. Take baby steps.

  102. Although Lennon would publicly lament this period, he did not do so in private. Journalist Larry Kane, who befriended Lennon in 1964, wrote a comprehensive biography of Lennon which detailed the “Lost Weekend” period. In the interview with Kane, Lennon explained his feelings about his time with Pang: “You know Larry, I may have been the happiest I’ve ever been… I loved this woman, [Pang] I made some beautiful music and I got so fucked up with booze and shit and whatever.”[24][25]

    John said it himself Lucy. Remember once something is written you can’t take it back!!!

    I know you will try to turn it around but don’t bother. Everyone cover your ears and say LALALALALALALALA

  103. Big kudos to May Pang for delivering this glimpse into a period of John Lennon’s life which has come to be accepted in history as one of excess, anger, and drama. The reality of Pang’s candid photographs show a happy, playful, relaxed Lennon, obviously enjoying himself amidst the uncertainty of the early post-Beatles years. The captions provide wonderful context and depth for the photos, and the photos themselves (I had only ever seen one or two of them published previously) show a very different, very human, side of Lennon during his infamous Lost Weekend.

  104. Oh boy…I’m Beatle Bob on the Beatles collector boards for about 10 years now (Bootlegzone, 910 Magazine, BeatlegYahoo Email list and much more),and I’m worried there is another Beatle Bob out here in the universe. I mainly write bootleg reviews…..

    Beatle Bob

  105. I was at the Beatles Festival in Orillia Ontario on Sunday (Sept 21st 2008) and was facinated listening to May Pang being interviewed, revealing some interesting aspects of John Lennon’s state of mind and an insight into how he worked. We bought her book as well, and listened to the radio show that followed in the evening, which mentioned the book and bits of the interview. Very thought provoking.

  106. ooh ohh do tell!! what interesting aspects of John Lennon’s state of mind did she talk about? damn wish I could have gone 😦

  107. I really don’t like neither may or cynthia because if they really love John then why are they writing a book about how he loved them? seriously if you think about it, they only doing it for the money. If I john’s lover I wouldn’t make a book about him like I would just keep it to myself. Yoko in the other hand I really think that John loved Yoko and if he didn’t like Yoko then why did he make a song about her? like he said in an interview that Yoko is his other voice. I won’t listen to Cynthia and May because you never know that they might be lying. If only John lennon is still alive and tell what REALLY HAPPEN then I will believe but his dead.

  108. i am late to the party but it ain’t over till its over

    and it is all about john and will always be

  109. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering issues with your blog.
    It appears like some of the written text on your posts are running off
    the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to
    them too? This could be a issue with my web browser
    because I’ve had this happen previously. Thank you

  110. Talk about late to the party, I’m it and it’s not fashionable. But here is what I think about that. I believed John fell in love with Cynthia (and she fell in love with him) when they were teens but a lot happened and that changed. I believed Yoko pursued Paul McCartney first at his home address at Cavendish and he brushed her off. She stalked John after she met him at the art gallery and sized him up. He was not interested but she already had him figured out and chased him everywhere,relentlessly, rain or shine. She was the oldest and oddest of the groupies, she stood out and finally got drug addict John by offering him heroin and blow jobs. Her whole game plan was get Lennon, even if it meant that she would abandon her own daughter to get her hooks into him, and get him to launch her into megafame equal to his. I believe after a while John came to love her because she became his “mother” and made it easy for him not to make decisions, he relied on her to do everything including his thinking. When that got old and he got bored with her dominating everything in his life he started to cheat and she decided to control that part of him too by offering a young Asian girl, an employee, who balked at such a strange request from her employer. I think Yoko calmed May’s initial resistance by emphasizing John needed a secretary to handle arrangements and run errands for him, something May was already doing for them both. Yoko knew John’s charm and charisma would do the rest, but she didn’t count on John falling for a young sweet girl who didn’t scheme and play mind games to manipulate everything about him. She just loved him and that must have been intoxicating for John. When John didn’t go running back to Yoko, she traveled all the way to London to alert Paul of how out of control John was being with drugs and drink and could he help. That was early in the year of 1974 but Paul wouldn’t be in the states until early or mid spring, and he would contact John then. Yoko plays people like pawns on a chess board. Paul relayed Yoko’s message to John but John still resisted returning to Yoko. Even when John and May returned to NYC, they get their own place, not at the Dakota like Yoko suggested. Yoko eventually tricked John into returning to the Dakota with promises of a smoking cure through hypnosis (and drugs) and swore it worked for her. Chain smoker John, always gullible to fraudsters and con artists like Yoko, agreed to go by, tried to calm May’s fears of what was really awaited him, by telling her he’d be back in time for dinner and for her to decide where they would go for dinner. Several days later when John returned he was like a zombie who could barely talk, hurt to think, and who barely remembered his own name, as was witnessed by Peter Hamill who was scheduled to meet with Lennon. The meeting was rescheduled (maybe even canceled)
    The only thing John was able to say with ease was “I’m back with Yoko, she “allowed” me to come home.” He didn’t look happy about it, he looked pained and miserable. He gave May a vile of “fragrance” she was to put on herself, but he tried to put it on her and it smelled rancid, like sulphur. Yoko does not deal with people like regular people. She schemes and manipulates to her advantage. That is not normal. That is narcissistic and sociopathetic. I wonder if Lucy on the board upthread is Yoko or someone who works for Yoko.

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