Beatles’ bootlegged products soar following business manager’s death

This article is a bit misleading.  It makes it sound as if Apple is floundering with the sad death of Neil Aspinall.  Neail has not been the head of Apple for some time.  He retired last year.  Maybe he stayed on as an advisor, but somehow we don’t think that’s the case.


Apple has been in a state of disarray for some time.  Many bootlegged products have been available for decades.  This article is simply reinforcing that fact.  These fan curated artifacts are often times packaged and presented better than most official Beatle products.  It’s as if the fans are themselves creating those releases that we all hope for. 

Apple is really missing the boat here by not giving the fans what they want.  Would we like it all?  Absolutely, but something of some substance would be a nice start.  Let it Be on DVD would be nice.  Personally, after hearing all of the Purple Chick expanded albums, I would love to see a set like that in an officially released format.  It is nothing short of outstanding.  If the fans can generate something that impressive, imagine what could be done with the real thing.  For crying out loud, the Purple Chick collective got a mention in Rolling Stone’s best of 2008 magazine.  It’s no secret that the bootleggers are doing some impressive archival work.  It’s just a shame that The Beatle machine cannot produce anything yet officially that comes close since the Anthology sets.  Maybe the remastered catalog will make all collectors happy, and surprised at the same time.

For now we have to hold onto our dear bootleg albums, and wish. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Beatles’ company Apple Corps is reportedly suffering following the loss of the band’s business manager Neil Aspinall who died of cancer last month.

Aspinall, who died at the age of 66, was at the helm of the group’s business empire from 1968 until his retirement last year.

And now industry insiders claim that Apple Corps has failed to crack down on a string of illegal sales of the Fab Four’s work, amid rumours the company is failing to cope without Aspinall’s expertise.

“Neil Aspinall had a reputation for really keeping his eye on the ball when it came to protecting the band’s interests,” The Daily Express quoted a source, as saying.

“But there’s a worry Apple has really taken its eye off the ball of late, as there are a number of essentially bootlegged products using The Beatles’ music and film footage, being bizarrely sold in the shops and on the internet.

“One obvious example is their film Let It Be, which has never been released on DVD or video by Apple but is openly for sale on the Internet as a pirate copy. The feeling is Apple really needs to get its act together,” the source added.

Apple Corps refused to comment on the matter.

Source: Daily India


8 Responses

  1. I happen to know that George Harrison absolutely did not want Let It Be on DVD. Maybe we should respect his wishes.

  2. cyn.
    how do you know this?
    and why would george feel this way?
    it will come out on dvd, because it deserves to be appreciated by a new generation of fans.
    my bootleg is ok, but i want an official dvd from apple.

  3. I’d heard it from several sources that George definitely didn’t want “Let It Be” out. It appears that no one else does, either, since Yoko recently said in an interview I had that it won’t come out anytime soon. (I think her words were something like, “How long do you expect to live?”) It doesn’t show the group at their best … or at least the way they want people to see them. Think “Love.”

  4. Well the Beatles will just have to get over themselves. All respect to Mr Aspinall and Mr. Harrison…neither of them would have been rich or famous without the fans making them so. So I don’t see depriving us of official releases such as Let It Be just because it wasn’t their best. We all own unofficial copies anyway.

  5. I just wrote today on the business of The Beatles in Liverpool and Apple’s views on it.


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