Apple licensing Beatles to whole new generation.

Being a Beatle fan can be a bit of a catch-22.  We love the music, we love the boys, we love the hysteria, but somehow some of us complain a bit that they are/were so heavily marketed.  Well folks, the marketing machine is firing up yet again.

In the past, we have seen Beatles images plastered on neck ties, lunchboxes, and T-shirts.  It looks like there is more to come from our beloved Fab Four.  Whether you love the memorabilia or not, it’s on the way.  Personally, part of the mystique and hysteria of being a Beatles fan is the steady diet of memorabilia that I can get my hands on.  Maybe they are gearing up for some kind of huge announcement that will usher in a new era of Beatledom. ::::Cough cough::::: remastered back catalog :::::cough cough:::::::.  Time will tell.

For now, put me down for a set of John Lennon bed sheets please.

Here’s a question for you then, What’s your favorite Beatle-related memorabilia item?  It doesn’t have to be an old item.  What are your thoughts on Beatle marketed stuff.  Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Deals for branded sleepwear and bedding secured by Caroline Mickler Ltd.

The licensing programme surrounding The Beatles is continuing to grow, with Caroline Mickler Limited – on behalf of Apple Corps – signing up two new licensees.

Powerplay Textiles and Character World have joined existing licensees including Lee Cooper, Ben Sherman, Kangol, Wedgwood, Halcyon Days and Corgi International.

Powerplay Textiles will be offering five styles of Beatles nightwear, three styles of underwear and three styles of socks. The first phase of roll out will target the 18 to 35 year-old men’s market. The nightwear line will be launched in stores in September.

Character World, meanwhile, is planning a range of bedding including single and double duvets, curtains, printed cushions, towels and a fleece blanket.

Two designs are planned for the duvets, with matching accessories available for both. The range will arrive in August.

“Both companies produce the sort of high quality, stylish, attractive products that Apple Corps is looking for to take merchandise bearing The Beatles brand both to long-term fans and to a whole new generation,” said Mickler.

Source: Licensing Biz


10 Responses

  1. I’m not very interested in Beatles memorabilia things. I only care about the music. I’m looking forward to the remaster editions of the albums. I hope they don’t make commercial product just to cash in. The Beatles where always thinking quality, they never released music only to cash in. I hope they keep the spirit of the 60’s alive, and don’t make or transform The Beatles into “modern cynical” just to keep up with the times. The 60’s where much better than the 00’s, artistically. There’s nothing these days to better The Beatles, except crispier sound quality. At least it’s well worth a try, and a listen, I guess nothing can ever really better the original vinyl records.

  2. I hope they come out with some Ringo stuff though….

  3. After Ringo insulted Liverpool the most appropriate thing to do is to erase his drums from The Beatles masters and fill up the space with modern drum machines.

  4. I must admit to being a sucker for a good Beatles tie dye t-shirt. That said, there are no good ones currently being made, so I have to buy what I can find, used, on ebay. Maybe they’ll start making good Beatles tie dye t-shirts again…All the great ones I have, and I have quite a few (long & short sleeved) are from the 90’s and are Apple licensed products. Blessings!

  5. You should see my bedroom. I’m surrounded by those four handsome faces everywhere! What I would like to see are “Ken” style Beatle dolls with real hair and undressable. That would be sweet.

  6. I could do without all of the silly Beatles products 🙂 It cheapens their image a bit to me. Oh well, in the end that stuff comes and goes and the music remains.

  7. I think the days of marketing the Beatles like this should be long, long, gone. it’s all very teenage and very early to mid 60’s. The music is the legacy now and forever as far as I can see. Sell the music.

  8. P.S. for Cynthia. Undressable dolls? You are a naughty, naughty girl!!!


  9. penny lane, you need to lighten up.
    liverpool people are such whiners.
    ringo rocks, if you want modern drum machines , you do it.
    penny lane, indeed, lol.

  10. I’m just trying to be funny really. But sometimes it dosen’t work because my english is too poor. I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary, so basically I should really shut up. I agree that Ringo rocks. In my opinion “Liverpool 8” is one of his best albums ever.

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