Paul McCartney To Release Book About Late Wife

In my opinion, there’s no better way to see the 1960’s rock scene than through the eyes of Linda McCartney.  There are few photographers who knew their subjects so intimately, and shot them as people.  It’s weird, you really get to feel the people in her photos.  You get a true sense of them as a people. 

Linda McCartney was able to cut through public personna, cut through glitz, and share these beautiful moments in time of these larger than life figures.  Her photos have always been stunning in their portrayal.  Paul, is sharing them with the world in the form of a coffee table book.  Linda would have been proud.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Paul McCartney is set to release a coffee table book in honor of his beloved first wife Linda. The former Beatle is alleged to have met with London publishers about the project earlier this week.

According to reports, McCartney will “share lots of intimate moments” of his life with the photographer, singer and animal rights activist in the tome, which will be released to mark the 10th anniversary of her death. Linda died in 1998 after losing her battle with breast cancer.

And a close pal of the singer believes the experience will be therapeutic for McCartney, having finally settled his bitter $48.6 million divorce from second wife Heather Mills last month.

A close pal of the singer says, “Times have been hard for him recently with the divorce from Heather. He’s delighted he can focus his mind on something else. He sees this as a special tribute to Linda’s memory.”

News of the planned book follows the recent opening of an exhibition of Linda’s photos at the James Hyman Gallery in London. The display is the first major show of her work in her adopted Britain.

Source: Star Pulse


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  1. I asume that this picture of the Beatles is one of Linda’s. I have never seen it before and it is just a stunning piece of work. She certainly captured a beautiful and, perhaps one of their last, happy moments.

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