Dhani Harrison tops rich list of Britain’s young music millionaires.

Dhani should start a new group.  They can call themselves the “Young Music Millionaires.”  It really sounds like a rap super group.  It rolls off the tongue.  I think he’d find the humor in that. 

For someone who’s father preached and professed about a humble life, Dhani seems to have a good head on his sholder.  His new group is just now releasing their first LP.  The EP from a while backreally made our ears perk up.  He has the musical chops to do some really really great things.  George would be proud of his boy, not because of the money, but because of the way he carries himself.  It’s refreshing to see a rock progeny be in the spotlight, but be able to keep it together.

Now if only Dhani had his father’s green thumb as well.  We know how George like to keep his gardens.

Here’s what we’ve read.

He has yet to write a song to match Here Comes the Sun but Dhani Harrison, son of the late George Harrison, tops a rich list of Britain’s young music millionaires.

Harrison, 29, shares an estimated £160 million inheritance with his mother Olivia, according to The Sunday Times list.

Like John Lennon’s offspring, Dhani Harrison is seeking to establish his own musical career. He helped to complete his father’s final album before his death in 2001 and played guitar at the star-studded Concert for George. Last year he played guitar on a reworking of While My Guitar Gently Weeps produced by the rappers Wu-Tang Clan. He has formed his own band, thenewno2.

Amy Winehouse, 24, is the tenth richest person in music in Britain aged 30 and under, with an estimated wealth of £10 million. She has sold seven million copies of her Back To Black album but often finds herself short of spare cash. Record company sources say that the singer’s supply of money is being rationed while she recovers from substance addictions.

Leona Lewis, 23, the X Factor winner who topped the US single and album charts, is in fourteenth place with an estimated £6 million fortune. Previous reality show winners have found that they are earning less than other singers once managers and record companies have taken their cut.

Corinne Bailey Rae, whose saxophonist husband Jason died of a suspected drugs overdose last month, and Natasha Bedingfield are also worth £6 million. The highest new entry is the Manchester-born fashion model Karen Elson (sixth) who shares her £25 million fortune with her husband, the White Stripes guitarist Jack White.

In a separate list of Britain’s richest 100 young millionaires, Emma Watson (£10 million), and her Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint (£7 million) feature for the first time. They join Daniel Radcliffe, who has added to his wealth and is now worth £20 million.

The Sunday Times also publishes a list of Britain’s Top 50 music millionaires, in which Sir Paul McCartney is valued at £500 million even though his divorce hearing was told he was worth £400 million. According to The Sunday TimesRich List, the court undervalued Sir Paul’s back catalogue, image rights and recordings. It also failed to take into account the will of his first wife, Linda, who died in 1998.

Guy Hands, who bought EMI for £2.4 billion, is the top new entry in the music millionaires list with £250 million in seventh place. Chris Blackwell, the London-born founder of Island Records, is another new entry with £100 million.

Pop’s Top Ten under-30s

£160m George Harrison’s son, Dhani

£32m Vanessa-Mae Nicholson, violinist

£30m Guy Berryman, Coldplay

£30m Jonny Buckland, Coldplay

£30m Will Champion, Coldplay

£25m Karen Elson and Jack White

£18m Katie Melua, Singer

£12m Joss Stone, Soul singer

£11m Chartlotte Church and Gavin Henson, Singer and rugby player

£10m Craig David, Amy Winehouse and Will Young



6 Responses

  1. Actually, I DO wonder if he has a good head on his shoulders since hearing his participation in the Wu Tang Clan’s verson of Guitar Gently Weeps. George was not a fan of that type of music – he generally thought it was shite. So Dhani’s participation gave me pause. Such a beautiful, classic, defining song should not be tampered with. If Dhani wants to use his own compositions….fine. But leave your father’s legacy stand.

  2. Yeah, how much do you all even really know about Dhani anyway? I’ve never heard the Wu Tang Clan thing, nor do I want to. But it wouldn’t be the only time that a parent and child had different tastes in music. . .

  3. true cyn.
    dhani isnt george, no more than julian or sean is john.

    160 million pounds?!?! That equates to $240,000,000!!

    Why on Earth did Harrison even bother having a benefit concert for Bangladesh?? He could have just given a few million bucks from his own pocket!

    Why on Earth did Harrison critisize Catholisicm when he himself takes other peoples money and uses it for his charities, while living in his mansion at Friar Park

    Why on Earth is there this “UNICEF George Harrison Foundation”? There’s enouph money here to feed all of Bangladesh! Why ask us to ‘help out’ giving 10% of what little we earn while you can’t even give 1% of your sum!

    So much for the ‘Material World Foundation’ where you said in the website video (and i quote) “Its the idea that if it is about money and greed, then the idea is giving away that money and greed in the material world”

    I am disgusted, really.

    You cannot be ‘spiritually enlightened’ and then have millions of bucks in your possesion. So much for spiritual wealth…

    • Bob, bore off back under ur stone! He gave lots to charity, is it his sole responsibility to save countries or whoever? Raising money and awareness is enough and also generating revenue the proper way. If u knew anything about George I would understand his ethos and beliefs. Get back in ur biscuit tin and get back to reading The Sun or something

  5. Iv been a fan of the beatles and george harrison,s for over 30 year,s.i just wana say that i think that olivia and dhani are doing a tremendous job in keeping george,s memory alive and wile they keep producing,i keep buying.george wil b so proud of u bof x

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