Sony keen for the Beatles to go digital.

Aside from stating the obvious here, it seems that Sony is just as excited about releasing The Beatles into the digital realm as the fans are to receive them.  I mean, of course.  The record company would get quite a windfall once the coveted group is available in the digital world.

As fans, we are relegated to waiting and hoping to see what they do with the Fabs online.  Do we see deluxed editions of each album with outtakes?  Do we get stereo and mono version of each album?  Do we get correct and pristine artwork for each album?  What will the albums sound like?  Do we get them in 5.1? 

All of these questions.  I guess we just have to keep waiting and hoping with baited breath.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Aside from the chaps at EMI, Sony/ATV CEO Martin Bandier is another person who is very excited at the possibility of the Beatles archives finally going digital.

Why wouldn’t he? According to the larger-than-life publishing veteran, his company manages the rights of “about 100 percent” of the music and lyrics penned by John Lennon and Paul McCartney for the Fab Four.

After last month’s TV ratings success in licensing the Beatles’ tunes to American Idol, Bandier is keen to do more deals with the valuable archive. He thinks making the songs available in a digital format will create even more opportunities for his company, EMI and Apple Corp, which manages the Beatles’ affairs.

“One of the things that I think the Beatles are working on closer with EMI – and hopefully getting closer to finalizing it – is to allow for the digital use of Beatles on the Apple (iTunes) store and everywhere else. It would be incredible,” Bandier told Reuters in an interview.

But it isn’t his decision to make as EMI and Apple Corp lead those discussions.

“All we can do is sit on the sidelines and root like crazy,” said Bandier.

Sony/ATV is a joint venture between Sony Corp and pop star Michael Jackson. Bandier says the gloved one has been a great partner even as speculation floats from time to time that Jackson may want to sell his share to repay some of his loans.

“I don’t think that Michael’s interested in selling his share. For me, he’s been a great partner, has been supportive and has an amazing reputation among the artistry and makes a call when we need him to reinforce our position with artists. “

Source: Reuters


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