Stars attend Aspinall’s memorial service.

Don’t you find it really really odd that neither Ringo or Paul are in attendance?  I would take that as such public slap in the face.  I mean, Neil was there from nearly the beginning.  I know that Paul and Ringo are private individiuals, but you’d think that they’d make an exception for such a close friend and confidant for so many years.

Yoko and Stella McCartney embrace.

I dunno, their lack of appearance really bothers me.  If Pete Townsend can show up, then why couldn’t Ringo?  Did he not want to run into Pete Best?  Who knows?  It’s just really sad.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono, members of The Who and Beatles producer George Martin have attended the funeral of Neil Aspinall.

The Fab Four’s longtime friend and former manager was buried in front of 250 mourners at the Church of St Mary The Virgin in Twickenham, west London.

Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella, Ringo Starr’s wife Barbara Bach and original Beatles member Pete Best were also in attendance.

McCartney was abroad at the time of the service but he sent flowers to the service, reports BBC News.

The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend later played his guitar to Bob Dylan’s ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ and then to late Beatle George Harrison’s solo hit ‘My Sweet Lord’, which marked the end of the service.

Aspinall, who once served as The Beatles’ road manager and later as chief executive of the band’s Apple Corps Ltd, passed away at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, where he was being treated for lung cancer.

After becoming The Beatles’ first road manager and driving them to gigs in vans, he became the head of Apple Corps, where he was executive producer of the highly successful ‘Beatles Anthology’ series in 1995, as well as the ‘Beatles 1’ compilation albums in 2000.

He also reportedly initiated the first of three lawsuits on behalf of Apple Corps against Apple Inc for trademark infringement.

One of Aspinall’s final projects was overseeing The Beatles’ back catalogue for an anticipated re-release later this year.

Aspinall stepped down as head of the company last year, as previously reported.

Source: NME


8 Responses

  1. I thought that was odd as well. Maybe because of the media? Have no idea.

  2. I don’t find this odd at all. If you remember, none of the 4 Beatles attended Brian Epstien’s funeral, as they felt it would distract from the matter at hand. These funerals aren’t about the Beatles, but about other individuals.

  3. i don’t think it’s odd. if those two appeared, every camera would be focused on them. but as it’s NEIL’s funeral i think it’s very sensitive from them NOT to attend it!
    my 2 cents …

  4. maybe an earlier service, eh, ehem.

  5. It was, in fact, out of respect for Neil and his family that neither Ringo or Paul attended the funeral. They weren’t snubbing Neil at all, (is everyone forgetting that Paul flew to NYC immediately to be at Neil’ bedside at Sloane-Kettering?). Of course, they stayed away to deflect a media circus…cut them some slack, guys!

    PS – It was also for this reason that they stayed away from Brian’s funeral – at Queenie’s request. If you remember, they all did attend a memorial service later on.

  6. Remember that Paul has said that he and his father agreed that they thought funerals were awful and they, personally, didn’t want one. Probably they both had reason to know that Neil felt the same — or Neil’s family asked them not to come because of the press and the crowds turn a funeral into a riot.

    Miss Jane Marple

  7. Paul was just with Neil for an entire day right before he died. So his no-show i’m sure, was not due to a lack of respect. Paul just doesn’t go to funerals. I’m sure he didn’t want to take any of the attention away from where it should have been. On Neil.

  8. they paid their respects before the service.
    remember , he died 2 weeks before his funeral.

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