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Yoko sorry for Paul’s divorce.

It can’t be easy being a Beatle wife, or even a former Beatle wife.  Even now, with all this history behind the group it has to be difficult.  I mean everyone knows their story.  Everyone knows their every detail really.  We all watched these men grow up, and grow as artists.  In their adult lives there was never  a moment when they were out of the public eye. I wonder how  much that really effects them, and really changes their true personality.

You know, how much of them selves is never, ever, really seen due to having to keep that public personna “on” all the time.  If anyone can relate it’s Yoko, she’s no stranger to the public eye personally.  I picture all the members of The Beatle extended family getting together in some demented coffee clatch and simply rehashing their horror stories about things.  It looks like Yoko is extending some sympathy for Paul.  I mean love is all he needed.  Instead he got burnt, and the public got to share in the turmoil.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono has said that she “felt sorry” for Sir Paul McCartney over his recent divorce. John Lennon’s widow spoke about his former bandmate while visiting her late husband’s childhood home in Liverpool.

She said: “I’m very sorry for him to have had to go through all that. I haven’t spoken to him about that but it’s a subject which he probably doesn’t want to discuss with other people.”

Ono, 75, also told Sky News, alluding to Heather Mills, that it was “not easy” to be associated with a Beatle.

She said: “All I can say is it’s not very easy for a woman to be associated with The Beatles. I think all the wives did suffer, and I think quietly suffer. Suffer but endured, I would actually say.”

She told Sky News that Heather Mills needed to “do her very best and try to survive”.

She added: “I’d not just say to her but to Paul too, it’s a very difficult situation for any couple to go through, especially for people who are really out in the world and their every movement is being observed.”

Ono visited Mendips, on Menlove Avenue in Woolton, Liverpool, to mark the fifth anniversary of her buying and immediately donating it to the National Trust.

Lennon was gunned down outside his New York apartment by fan Mark Chapman on December 8, 1980.

Chapman will be considered for parole later this year. Ono said: “I think that it’s a very hard subject for me to deal with. All things considered it’s very dangerous for him to come out because there’s so many people who feel badly about what happened.”

Source: Daily Star


5 Responses

  1. Wht’s that on her head?

  2. Looks like the flying nun but you gotta love a 75-year-old who will flash the cleavage like that! She really has aged very well. A very strong little lady who I’ll never understand but must admire for her dedication to John’s memory and her ability to endure, on her own terms.

  3. Wow, some people still can do nothing but make snarky remarks about Yoko Ono. I think after the whole Heather Mills deal, Beatle fans should have an all encompassing target for their wit and disdain!


  5. no ulla, yoko did not break up the beatles.
    they broke themselves up.
    your hatred for yoko is very childish.

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