Yoko & Paul Pay Tribute To The Late Neil Aspinall

It has been a sad week on the Beatle-front.  The former head of Apple records, and longtime Beatle friend and business manager has died.  Paul and Yoko have both issued  public statements mourning the loss of their friend. He will truly be missed.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Here is a report of Paul’s statements to the press.

Paul McCartney has paid tribute to The Beatles’ roadie, confidante and ‘fixer’, Neil Aspinall, who died earlier this week (March 24).

In a statement, McCartney emphasised the fun he and Aspinall had throughout their long association.

The former Beatle said: “I met him at school when we were both 11 and we remained friends ever since.

“I was able to say goodbye and thank him for everything he did for us and I send my deepest sympathies to his wonderful family.

“I will miss him but will remember the laughs, there were plenty.”

Source: NME

Yoko has also issued a statement regarding Neil’s passing.

Yoko Ono has described the former chief executive of Apple Corps, Neil Aspinall, who died last weekend, as “an important member of the Beatles’ family”.

In a statement, Ono said: “John (Lennon) loved him. I continued to treasure his wisdom and support in the years after John’s passing.”

Aspinall, who was widely regarded by fans as the fifth member of the group, passed away in hospital in New York at the age of 66.

Ono’s statement added: “My love and deepest sympathy go to Neil’s wife Suzy, and to his children. With love, Yoko Ono Lennon”.

After meeting Sir Paul McCartney and George Harrison at Grammar school in Liverpool, Aspinall formed a close relationship with the entire group.

As well as driving them to early gigs, he built a considerable reputation during his time at Apple Corps, where he protected the their copyright and music.

In a joint Apple Corps statement, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the widows of Harrison and Lennon said that they “will always retain the fondest memories of a great man.”

Source: NME


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