Guitar Hero fans may soon strum Beatles + fan-made VIDEO.

Does anyone else think that it would be weird to see the Beatles with their own Guitar Hero game before seeing their music up for download on iTunes?  I do…

You’d think that, if the rumors about this release is true,  the software company would at least wait until the download/iTunes deal is finalized.  You’d think that they’d want to ride the buzz wave while it is cresting.I do also find it a bit weird that the Fab Four are getting a guitar Hero title to themselves.  I mean, yes, it’s totally cool….but I never really thought of the Beatles as a guitar-shredding arena rock group.  I mean, yes, there were glimpses of guitar-hero antics, but not most of the time.  I guess we’ll have to rock out on our wii’s to Get Back, and Back in the USSR.  It’s cool, but weird.

Maybe we’ll get a Rickenbacker-themed bundle pack with this version of Guitar Hero?

Until the real game drops, it looks like some video gamers have cooked up Beatle-themed Guitar Hero antics of their own. 

Guitar Hero: The Beatles, “The End

Guitar Hero: The Beatles, “Get Back

Guitar Hero: The Beatles, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Here’s what we’ve read.

The latest sign of a video-game “Revolution”? You soon might be able to plug in and play guitar in “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Martin N. “Marty” Bandier, the top executive at the music publishing company that owns the John Lennon-Paul McCartney copyrights, said he liked the idea of a dedicated Beatles edition of “Guitar Hero,” Activision Inc.’s popular video-game franchise.

Activision announced last month that Aerosmith would be the first act with a dedicated version of “Guitar Hero.”

“It’s something we have talked about and something I’d like to pursue,” said Bandier, who last year took over as chairman and chief executive at Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

The company has loosened its handling of the Beatles’ music. Producers of “American Idol,” for instance, for years had sought permission for contestants to perform Beatles hits on the show but were turned down again and again.

That’s changed: Recent episodes have had an “all-Beatles” format, which Bandier calls “a wonderful way to get this legendary music in front of an audience of 30 million people in an exciting way.”

Source: Journal Gazette


4 Responses

  1. While a Beatles Guitar Hero game would be AWESOME, a Beatles Rock Band edition would be much better suited for the Fab Four. I wanna be able to play Paul’s bass, George’s guitar, and sing like John with my friends, not to mention my faux-Ringo bringing the thunder. However, that would cost all kinds of cash I do not have, while I am equipped for a new Guitar Hero game.

  2. Yes, Rock Band would be so much better!!! I hope that comes out, I suck at playing the instruments but I still want to play through the mic 🙂

  3. lol you guys. you must b psychic cuz they did. 😀

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