Journalist Bill DeYoung talks to Yoko Ono about the remastered Beatles catalog project and the “Let It Be” DVD

There is little news in this interview.  Yoko is a little cryptic, and having a little fun with this interviewer.  She states so much in this little Q & A without stating much.

At least things are moving along in The Beatle camp.  It seems that they are making it up as they go along.  When things are ready, the numbers are right, and the stars align…we may see release of the remastered catalog.  Time will tell.  For now we play the waiting game with baited breath. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

(Journalist Bill DeYoung interviewed Yoko Ono Wednesday in advance of an exhibit of John Lennon art, but, as Bill told us, “I felt that slipping these questions in towards the end was very important.” Thanks again to Bill for providing us this exclusive excerpt, which is copyrighted by Bill DeYoung and excerpts should not be used without crediting him. His completed story will be on today (Thursday).)

Q: Last year, Olivia mentioned that the Beatles catalog was being remastered for CD and the packages would be expanded with good artwork, more photos, et cetera. What can you tell me about that?

A: That’s a very leading question, and you’re such a politician about it. I have the choice to say she’s right, or she’s not right, is that what it is? I’m just joking.

We are, naturally, making it good on design. But I don’t think it’s just that. I saw what George and Giles Martin did with the Beatles songs in ‘Love’ – that’s rather powerful, and revolutionary too, in a very quiet way. There’ll be some things that will be done that will make it much more current, I think.

Q: Is there a time frame on the project?

A: The time frame is when we feel that it’s done right. I think that’s true with any artwork, it has to be done right. Especially, the Beatles have that tradition of wanting to share something with the fans when it’s really right. And so it has to be done right, that’s all.

Q: How are things at Apple now that Neil’s gone?

A: I think that Jeff Jones, obviously, brought in some fresh air, and it’s all very exciting. But it doesn’t mean that Neil did a bad job – Neil was a part of the whole history, and he was doing a brilliant job. It’s just that sometimes it’s good to go through some changes, and we decided to do that.

Q: What about the ‘Let it Be’ DVD? Years ago, Neil was saying it was being readied.

A: (laughing) You know, life is a long time. And I hope you have a very long one, Bill.

Source: Abbey Rd Beatles News


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  1. Yoko being Yoko. What else is new?

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