Paul McCartney Starts Work On New Album

I didn’t forsee a new McCartney album happening for a long while. I surely thought that a tour would commence, then Paul and the boys would hit the studio to hammer out a new album.  I guess I got that one totally wrong.  We could get a new McCartney album sooner than we thought.

No, Paul is not resting on his laurels here.  He seems to be hard at work on new material.  Let’s hope he keeps with the streak of albums that he’s had with Flaming Pie, Driving Rain, Chaos and Creation, and Memory Almost Full.   

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney may have got a Lifetime Achievement Brit Award but he’s not finished yet – he’s working on a new album.

Fresh from his headlining appearance at the Brits on Wednesday and last year’s well received ‘Memory almost Full’, the former Beatle has just started recording material for a new release this year.

His spokesperson says, “Paul started recording last week, but he has been writing for a while. It should be ready by the summer.”

And McCartney has chosen a surprising collaborator for the project – he’s working with producer Youth at his studio in Icklesham, East Sussex, who is more noted for his work on more upbeat fare.

Source: Gigwise


10 Responses

  1. “Memory Almost Full” had a bit of the “I’m almost dead” vibe that Dylan’s Time Out of Mind album did in 1997 (and then he DID almost die).

    How great would it be if the next Paul album was him reconnecting and playing with old friends, including Denny Laine and Pete Best. Maybe Peter Asher and Denny Seiwell. Even Wacko Jacko! What a great message that would send. Unfortunately, Paul seems to be more into Paul.

  2. So you think Paul will be having a tour soon? If so, when do you think it will be? I’ve never been to a concert and am dying for him to have a tour!

  3. The new album is said to involve Youth as a producer…more likely producer-collaborator…Youth is responsible, with Paul, for two albums released under the name, “The Fireman”…the 2nd of which, “Rushes” is truly brilliant. I am almost certain that what this refers to is the recording of the 3rd album from “The Fireman”. He’s also working on a guitar concerto, & I hate to say it, but me thinks it’s a few years before we see another proper album. From ’89 onward it was generally every 4 years for a new album of originals. Chaos & Creation to Memory Almost Full broke that streak with only a two year lag (remember MAF was started at the same time as C&C). He has a huge backlog of unreleased tracks that he could pilfer if he wanted something out sooner, but he rarely, if ever, resorts to that. They end up as b-sides mostly, or in some cases, bonus tracks.
    I’m still hoping that the only positive thing to come out of the divorce settlement will be that he will begin doing what The Beatles, the Lennon estate, Neil Young & The Grateful Dead have all done…release anthologies of older, unreleased material. Few folks have a larger stash, and it would certainly help cover to some divorce fees to release a series of those babies, eh? One can dream, and hope, and pray…Blessings!!

  4. Agreeing with the Rev here –

    This is almost certainly a new Fireman album.

    (And remember folks, he worked with Nitin Sawhney on a track for his album, coming out this year…)

  5. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! Rock on Paul! I love you and The Beatles Forever! And Please new world tour! Your Big Fan from Finland

  6. the fireman albums should not be associated with a true proper album.
    the fireman ( paul and youth) are experimental without vocals, not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s nowhere near the greatness of a proper studio album…………………………………………………………………….
    “Memory Almost Full” had a bit of the “I’m almost dead” vibe that Dylan’s Time Out of Mind album did in 1997 (and then he DID almost die).” …….. your opinion only!!! memory almost full is an excellent album, the same for dylan’s masterpiece time out of mind, both are very great.

  7. I love both Memory and Time out of Mind! My point is that Paul, like Dylan in 1997 is “Not Dark Yet.”

  8. I loved Rushes although I agree its not really a true McCartney album. Still, a new Fireman album would be cool.

    I wasnt too keen on MAF but that was more down to the production than anything else I think.

    Personally I would like to see Paul do a serious reggae album.

  9. so true randy.
    they are not dark yet, great song btw.


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