New 5.1 Ringo compilation coming next month.

Boy oh boy Ringo has bee a busy little bee lately.  When he’s not busy making live appearances ushering in celebrations of culure, releasing greatest hits packages, live compilations, and even releasing an album of new, and great material, it seems that Ringo has been hitting the multi-channel mixing desks too.  Just when you thought you’d heard it all it looks like our favorite drummer has something else in the old bag of tricks to surprise us.

We know that Ringo was hinting at some kind of mixing project in a video on his website, but we didn’t expect this at all.  It looks like an impressive package.  It’s a great collection of his more recent releases.  It will make a nice addition to the Beatle shelf.

Here’s a shot of the rumored artwork for the project as well.


We’ll keep you posted as we read more details…. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

…Created under Ringo’s personal supervision, this new set contains new multi-channel mixes of his hand-picked favorite solo tracks from 2003’s Ringo Rama and 2005’s Choose Love. These tracks were produced by Ringo and Mark Hudson.

The 2 Disc CD set will contain stereo versions of these new mixes and will playable on all CD players.

A DVD-Audio Disc edition of this set will feature the full all-new 5.1 channel mixes. The DVD Disc includes audio content ONLY and plays on all DVD players. It is encoded in DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1, and to access advanced resolution DVD-A option a DVD-Audio Player will be required.

Here’s the track listing:

01. Fading In and Fading Out
02. Never Without You
03. Choose Love
04. Imagine Me There
05. Oh My Lord (featuring Billy Preston)
06. Memphis In Your Mind
07. Give Me Back The Beat
08. Love First, Ask Questions Later
09. Don’t Hang Up (featuring Chrissie Hynde)
10. Eye To Eye
11. Some People
12. Elizabeth Reigns
13. I Really Love Her (Bonus Track on DVD only!)

Ringo hinted at this new CD in one of his video updates recently on his website.

Source: What Goes On


7 Responses

  1. i’m still hoping for the 2006 allstarr band dvd and cd set as well.

    i was hoping this set would compile the best of ringo from 1998– 2005.

    it compiles on only 2 cd’s.

    before i buy, i need more info on it.
    i do love ringo rama and choose love very much, but they should have included some songs from i wanna be santa claus and vertical man too.

    liverpool 8 rocks.

  2. I am a big fan of 5.1 mixes and would like to see more. The new DVD of Help! is a delight to “listen” to. Those 5.1 mixes are great. I see this as a solution to several issues. First of all, the music fan has an unique and pleasing listening expirience and secondly, the music industry, specifically the disc sales, would benefit from a format that cannot be “pirated” from the internet. It may rejuvinate the industry.

    I hope the trend here started by Ringo will be followed by other artists.

  3. Could you imagine a 5.1 White Album or Abbey Road!!!!!!!

  4. Yes…this is all fine, but I’d rather hear the Beatles–or Paul or George–in 5.1. (Somehow I don’t imagine John’s music would really be up to it–his always seemed to be sonically simpler.)

  5. ok, maybe i’m just an ass.
    i hate the fab 4…

  6. hey hey they are just the monkees….. listen to that sound… ol boy goo goo…

  7. the more i hear about it, the less i want it.
    just like the extended versions live cd, it just copies something already released.
    i still wish his 2006 tour would come out on cd/ dvd.
    and of course the ” now and then ” song too.

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