John Lennon paper crane project.

One crafty, peace-advocating, blogger has taken to a new project that you all may take an interest in.  They are making paper oragami cranes and placing them in public places.  You may ask, “Why is this on a Beatle blog?”  Well, it seems that they are creating cranes with the lyrics to Imagine written on them. 

I was just in a bookstore last night, and I can imagine, no pun intended, what delight it may bring to find one of these little guys tucked away on a shelf.  It’s just a little way to promote peace, bring out a smile in people, and encourage them to spread the message.  I think John and Yoko would both appreciate that.  It allows the artist and audience to participate in a public way and also spread a message of love.  

If you spot one of these lovely little cranes, snap a photo, we’d love to post it, and hear your story about finding it.  Too, I encourage you all to get in on the action.  Make a crane of your own, and let us know where you left it.  Let’s start a movement of our own. 

Bookstore Crane

Here’s what we’ve read.

I know it’s a little much to expect a kid just learning to read to know the song “Imagine,” but that’s what parents are for, right? Right. And who doesn’t love John Lennon?

The truth is out: I am a peace-nik. I felt it only fitting to put a song about peace on a crane, which has become a symbol of peace. There is also a belief that if you fold 1000 cranes, your deepest wish will come true. This was made famous by a little girl who lived through the bombing at Hiroshima and developed radiation sickness. She decided to fold 1000 cranes with the wish that she would get well. Unfortunately, she didn’t live to fold the full thousand, but countless others took up the cause in the name of peace. I don’t know if I have a legitimate source for that information; it’s become stuck in my head after searching the internet for paper cranes. Ah, here we go.

At any rate, I’ve decided (with a little encouragement) to start something – namely, a project involving paper cranes and leaving them in public places for people to find. I hope to encourage people to practice random acts of kindness and peace through the words on each crane. I know I’m not the first to do this, and I hope I’m not the last. I’d like this to be a sort of photo journal. We’ll see.

Source: Q Finder blog


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  1. Just FYI, findingtheqs is doing more than just the lyrics to “imagine”. he/she is leaving other messages of peace on the cranes. the posts are very interesting and, i think, worth following.

  2. I love your John Lennon Peace Project. Thank you. I am on a similar journey with you.

    The John Lennon Valentine Peace Crane

    Beatle’s Day at NASA Treasury

    NASA Project homage to the Beatles is February 4, 2008 NASA press release

  3. whatever.

  4. sorry. please forgive me.

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