Cash in the attic after Beatles visit

It’s every rock and roll collector’s dream.  It’s almost become cliche over the years.  A huge group (i.e. The Beatles) visit your small town just as they are becoming famous.  You scour over relatives long-forgotten belongings or accidently hit a goldmine at a flea market while looking for old furniture.  Accidentally you strike memorabilia gold.

I haven’t had the good luck to come across any Beatle gold-mines in anyone attic.  I have been given some wonderful gifts though.  Luckily enough my mother and her sisters were very careful with some precious items.  But, no, I haven’t been that lucky in my searches for Beatle memorabilia gold.  I can dream though.

Here’s a question for you then, dear readers.

  • What pieces of Beatles memorabilia have you been fortunate to come across in your own searches?  No, not those pieces that you bought as a collector.  We’d love to see those stories about those items that you have found, by happenstance, you know, in your mother’s attic, and your great aunt’s closet.  Let us know in the comments below.

Beatles poster

Beatles at the Gaumont Thestre in 1963
If you are around Ipswich this weekend, you can get your memorabilia appraised and graded.

Here’s what we’ve read.

IT’S 45 years since The Beatles first visited Ipswich and today a pop memorabilia specialists are asking for people to check their attics and cupboards.

Tracks, dealers and valuers of Beatles and rare pop memorabilia, are holding a valuation day at The Novotel Hotel, Grey Friars Road, Ipswich on Sunday February 3 from 10am to 4pm.

Jason Cornthwaite, of Tracks said: “We are inviting members of the public to bring along any pop music memorabilia like concert posters, flyers, programs, tickets, signatures, magazines, personal possessions, negatives, and lyrics for a free valuation.

“We will be purchasing selected items on the day. We have been holding these valuation days in all the major cities and towns in the UK and Europe over the last 10 years.

“They are an opportunity for people to bring in music memorabilia that they own and have it appraised. Sometimes people want to know the history of the items they have had stored in their attics for the last 30 or 40 years.”

Mr Cornthwaite said memorabilia is rising in value, particularly relating to the fab four who first appeared at the Ipswich Gaumont theatre in May 1963.

He said: “A Beatles concert poster from in decent condition could now bring up to £5,000, compared with £2,000 five years ago, a small ticket stub £25, a larger, more elaborate one such as those that were issued in 1962 or early 1963 would bring around £150 (more than double this if it were complete). Beatles programmes bring between £25 and £35, with handbills realising between £300 and £500.

“All of the bands and artists left behind a plethora of superb mementos from their visits to Ipswich and surrounding areas, most of this material has risen steadily in value over the last 20 years.”

Did you see The Beatles in Ipswich? Have you got some rare memorabilia? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN or send an e-mail to

Source: Evening Star 24 


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  1. I ordered I, Me Mine from a used book store. There was a folded old letter in the book. it was handwritten by George on the top of the letter and handwritten by Olivia at the bottom. It is written in ink—an original. My hand shook as i realized i held in my hand what he once held in his! I had a licensed handwriting examiner study the handwriting based on handrwritten samples in the book. It is 100% the authentic signature of George Harrison. And it’s on the letter head of his record company.

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