Beatles Ringo Starr offends Liverpool

I have to admit that when I first read the headline for this article, I thought it was from one of those spoof websites, or from the Onion.  At first glance I thought it was making fun of his latest album and single.  Then I realized that it was true.  How could Ringo manage to create such a press nightmare for himself. 

His latest appearance, his latest release is a celebration of all-things Liverpool.  It was suppsoed to be a hero’s welcome from the city that called him a native sun.  It looks like they are ready to burn him at the stake instead.  It appears that he did not have many nice things to say about his native city.  To me, it looks like Ringo tried to play it off as  a moment of fun, but the citizens of Liverpool saw through that.  Such a shame.  Instead of a coronation celebration for Ringo and the city of Liverpool, it is a crucufixtion.  Maybe he’ll release an apology and recant his statements.  What a sad occurenece for all involved.

Here’s what we’ve read.

English musician Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr, is said to have offended the citizens of Liverpool by his negativity towards the city.

Ringo, who is best known as the drummer for The Beatles, had caused quite a stir after his appearance on Jonathan Ross TV show on Friday Jan 18.

Starr, who was there to help launch Liverpools Capital Of Culture year, found nothing positive to say about the city he was born in.

Surrey-based Ringo, who also has a flat in Chelsea, admitted he rarely returns to his home city and doesnt miss a thing about it, and when asked if he would move back there, he pulled a comedy face.

After his revelation, a lot of complaints were received by radio phone-ins, in the city, and there have also been condemnations against him on the Internet.

I wonder how much we paid for him to appear. I bet there were some red faces, the Sun reported one angry Scouser as writing. (ANI)

Source: Thaindian Times


15 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I love your site!

    I have a music blog (for old guys!)and help out with a Beatles show every year called the Maritime Beatle Event.

    My friend, Hal Bruce, is the organizer and performs at Beatle events from Adelaide, Australia to Louiville, Kentucky, with shows in Liverpool every year.

    Thanks for the great posts!


  2. no you don’t. you hate us.

  3. i heard ringo’s words, they were witty.
    the beatles always used their humor in interviews, but now the world is becoming too serious.
    i truly hope that the good citizens of liverpool understand that ringo was being funny and not take it too serious.
    isn’t that what made the beatles so special, their sense of humor?
    i hope they have a better sense of humor than those folks in alabama back in 66′.
    GOD bless ringo, his new cd, liverpool 8 is awesome, it really rocks.
    rock on ringo.

  4. Does anyone really want to move back to where they were born? Most successful people are a result of the struggle to escape where they were born, and to move on to bigger better things. Makes sense to me.

  5. […] Posted on April 28, 2008 by Matt Ringo has had a rough go of things as of late.  He had made offending remarks regarding the town of his birth a few months ago on national television.  The city was in a […]

  6. leave him alone!
    he was just being funny and honest.
    he doesnt deserve to be punished for bing funny…

    rock on ringo!

  7. Ringo offended my city Liverpool an he hates america AND he wont sign any more autographs! I love Liverpool and he should to it is amasing. Ringo should also show some appreceation for the fans that payed for his house and his clothes and his food by buying his rubish music. he tries to look young by wearing jeans with holes in them but im 13 an I think I know whats young an its not THE LIVERPOOL HATER!!!

  8. oh my god Ringo go play some bingo, your such an old man bet you fancy my nan

  9. That person is right, little bit crasy but right, infact i come from Liverpool and we were all ofended buy what he said/diddent say on the Jonathon Ross show.

  10. part of why he was in the band in the first place, was because he´s funny and sarcastic. look at his interviews from the 60ies on youtube. who´d be surprised to hear something like that coming out of his mouth? besides, he doesn´t owe liverpool anything, but liverpool ows him a LOT.

  11. I AGREE WITH AL! Liverpool owes him a lot! the world (the part that appreciates music) does! Ringo is brilliant, and he didn’t INSULT liverpool, he just said what was true, and wat he thought. people should stop getting stirred up by opinions!

    Come lets go to the Octopus’s Garden 🙂

  12. EXCUSE ME!!! he sings awfuly and cant play the drums, he was only in the beatles for being in the right place at the right time!
    the only person who would say “Liverpool owes him” is some one who’s not from Liverpool! you dont understand how it feels to get betrayed by someone wh used to be so cool and then badmouths you on live t.v.

  13. (If you havent alredy realised im marcy from before, i spelt it wrong im realy Mary)

  14. sound boy you git! there is nothing bigger or better than Liverpool I love it there and I live in Manchester


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