Starbucks coffee link for Beatles Story museum.

Did you ever think that our loved lads would be linked so closely to a Coffee?  I surely didn’t.  I never imagined that I would be talking so much about a coffee chain in the same breath as the music industry.  I certainly didn’t expect to be talking about the Beatles in the same circles as Starbucks.

The Beatles Story at the Albert Dock

But, it looks like all has converged.  We know that The Beatles Story museum and is in the process of expanding, and it looks as if they also will be adding a Starbucks into the mix.

I can picture the next Starbucks announcement now.  Once The Beatles’ catalog is up and available on iTunes, it will be sold through an agreement between Starbucks and iTunes at your local barista.  Grab a cafe mocha and get downloading baby.  You watch, you wait and see. I’ll bet you it’s coming.  For now, though, this looks like good news for The Beatles’ story at the Albert Docks.  At least you know they’ll have decent coffee there on your next visit. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

First Sir Paul McCartney signed to the coffee shop Starbucks new record label.

Now Starbucks is moving in to Liverpool’s tourist attraction, The Beatles Story.

The Starbucks store will cover 2,500 square foot of the building devoted to the history of the Beatles.

The coffee shop will include Beatles memor- abilia and decorated with 1960s artwork. It will employ between ten and 15 people.

Under the agreement between the attraction and Starbucks, the coffee store will be staffed and managed by the Beatles Story employees.

Jerry Goldman, director of the Beatles Story, is delighted with the deal, pointing out that it was recognised as Liverpool’s top visitor attraction.

“We are thrilled that Starbucks as our partner will be offering world class facilities to the hundreds of thousands of customers who visit us each year from all over the globe.”

Equally welcoming of the deal was Rupert Lawrie, director of business alliances for the Starbucks Coffee Company.

“With Paul McCartney already signed to the Starbucks record label, this feels like a natural place for us to be,” he said. “We always look to ensure our stores reflect their surroundings which makes the theming of this store really exciting.”

Source: Liverpool Daily Post


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