Eye feel fine: Macca has cosmetic surgery to remove crow’s-feet from around his eyes.

I read this headline and I have to admit my first thought was what would John Lennon think?  I can just picture him reading this article in the papers, and having a chuckle to himself about Paul and his eagerness to hold onto the idea of his youth.  As Beatle fans, we have watched our favorite lads grow-up and grow-old, sadly, for two of them anyway.  It’s funny to see how they approach, being a senior, and growing older. 

It seems that Paul is not quite ready to give up the fight too age.  A friend and I were arguing that on his next tour, Paul should let the gray hair make a reappearance like he did in the 80’s.  Somehow with the news of plastic surgery, I think he’ll keep coloring it for a while.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Paul McCartney

Here’s what we’ve read.

After all he’s been through in recent times, Sir Paul McCartney could be forgiven a few worry lines.

It seems, however, that the 65-year-old singer may not have been happy with his looks.

Friends have claimed that shortly before an operation in London to correct a heart murmur, he had cosmetic surgery in New York to rejuvenate his face.

The work, they say, was to remove crow’s-feet from around his eyes, and also sagging skin from beneath and above them.

The result is a face that appears much younger and stress-free.

Photos taken earlier last year showed how his divorce from Heather Mills was taking its toll.

Sir Paul frequently looked worn down, with excessive wrinkling around his eyes.

While the operation to increase blood flow to his heart in September will undoubtedly have helped with the movement of blood around his face, giving him a rosier complexion, that would not explain the disappearance of the saggy skin.

Some cosmetic surgery experts have said he appeared to have the tell-tale signs of work to improve his looks. London plastic surgeon Alex Karidis said: “His lower eyelids look different. On the newer pictures, that area is a lot clearer.”

He added that the pictures “would suggest that there has been some surgery to take some of the excess skin away from the eyelids.

“He definitely has less skin above both eyes than before.”

But plastic surgeon Dr Lucy Clancey was more cautious, saying: “There is an ever so slight improvement.

“I would also say that he has lost a lot of weight in between the two pictures.”

Sir Paul’s spokesman rubbished the notion that he may have had surgery.

As the singer’s divorce edges closer to a potentially ruinous court case next month, his relationship with Miss Mills has never been more fraught.

The pair had a series of rows over Christmas.

Source: UK Daily Mail


14 Responses

  1. Give it up Paul. You will never look like a young Beatle again and you only make a fool out of yourself trying.

  2. paul will never look like a fool, thank you.
    but i agree i wish he wold let the gray out.
    and keep the surgery out if it’s cosmetic.

  3. I think he looks awful myself. It’s like a combover…he ain’t foolin’ nobody but himself. He’s in his mid-sixties trying to look like 30. That’s as bad as a 10-year old girl trying to look 20 with globs of makeup. The hair looks rediculous! C’mon Paul, age gracefully and naturally.

  4. “Friends claim” he has had plastic surgery. This is a joke of an article.

    The two pictures don’t prove much. Take a picture of yourself, and then take one in different lighting conditions with your eyes and mouth wide open and see if you look a little different. 🙂

    What would John Lennon think? He’d probably think “I can’t believe people trust what they read in the tabloids.”

  5. Looks like he’s had his eyebrows raised to me.

  6. Chris, very well said. I concur.

  7. I met Paul a little over a year ago and he looks pretty much the way he does in the picture on the right. The picture on the left looks extremely different. I know that pictures was taken when he was walking out of court last year over his divorce and was under a lot of stress. He also looked like a put on a few pounds there, but I saw him at NYC’s private gig in June 2006 and he was in great spirits and definitely looked very thin, but just right! Stress can really make someone look run downed, and Paul has had a lot of stress lately.

  8. it dont matter. paul is dead. bury him. oh how i hate paul.

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  12. he is in the public eye and should take care of himself… hopefully his jowls and neck next….said with a great amount of love for the guy !

  13. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that chat who told me to visit your site 🙂

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