‘No chance’ ex-Beatles will play together according to Ringo Starr.

It looks like Ringo really had a nice homecoming.  It was not just a celebration of European culture.  It really was a celebration of Liverpool and England.  With the addition of Mr. Ringo Starr, it really became a celebration of the Beatles, and their lasting legacy.

It looked as if it was a true homecoming, and an awesome way to kick-off the year of culture in Liverpool.  It’s a shame that Paul and Ringo will not be performing together, but I guess they both realize that it wouldn’t mean nearly as much.  Maybe it’s better that way.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Ringo Starr said Friday he would not be reuniting with the other surviving Beatle, Paul McCartney, not even during their native Liverpool’s year as European capital of culture.

“There’s no chance that Paul and I will go and get back together,” Starr told reporters before the launch of Liverpool 08.

“Everyone keeps asking us about it. But it would be very difficult now, two of us are gone now,” he added.

John Lennon was shot dead in New York in 1980 by a deranged fan, while George Harrison died of lung cancer in 2001.

McCartney will headline a concert on June 1 to mark Liverpool’s year in the cultural spotlight, but Starr will be touring the United States at the time.

“Paul and I can’t play together,” added Starr. “I’m not coming this summer, Paul will be alone.”

Starr, however, is scheduled to play Friday night at an open air concert in the centre of Liverpool.

He will play from a special container fitted and hoisted onto the roof of St. George’s hall, a concert hall built in the 19th Century.

“It’s well supported but it’s pretty cold up there,” said Starr.

Source: AFP


4 Responses

  1. Strange. On “The Early Show” he said it was a 50/50 possibility that him and Paul would perform together again.

  2. When was the last time they performed together?

    (Not counting Ringo tapping his foot while Paul played mandolin for Larry King.)

    Was it the Concert for George?

  3. Yes it was the Concert of George.

    Looking at “The Early Show” interview again it seems RIngo was just being sarcastic by agreeing with Paul’s 50/50 prediction. But he does not outright deny it either…

    I think during the 80s and 90s Paul and Ringo seemed to be more open to working together. Because then it did not have as much meaning as it would now. But now it would be a reunion of the only surviving Beatles. Which has a huge level of significance. Which we only saw a few times publicly between John’s murder and George’s death.

    1 All those Years Ago
    2 Free As A Bird & Real Love
    3 The Beatles Anthology Interviews

  4. Ringo and Paul did play music together (did they not?) at the “Concert For George”.

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