Heather Mills Jealous of Paul McCartney + VIDEO.

It seems that the future ex-Mrs. McCartney-Mills is having a hard time understanding that her soon-to-be ex-husband is a showman.  God, that’s a lot of hyphens.  Heather is quite upset at Paul’s New year’s antics onstage with Kylie Minogue.  Yes, there may have been a little bit of flirting, but isn’t that part of her act?

Besides, if you were onstage with either Paul or Kylie, wouldn’t you flirt as well?  It seems that Heather isn’t happy if she is stirring up attention with her little tantrums.  Just let him be, sheesh.

If you haven’t seen the New Year’s eve performance that we are talking about, watch it here.  Watch them, apparently, flirt and perform “Dance Tonight” at ‘Jools Annual Hootenanny’ new year special. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills was reportedly “furious” when her estranged husband Paul McCartney began flirting with singer Kylie Minogue. The former ‘Beatles’ star sang a “sexy” duet with Minouge for a New Years TV special and Mills allegedly believes McCartney did it to humiliate her.

The special featured McCartney and Minogue singing his hit ‘Dance Tonight’ while she lay on top of a grand piano.

“She’s really mad about the way Paul got close to Kylie. She reckons he did it on purpose and feels it was a deliberate public dig at her,” a friend claims. “She thinks he’s just trying to prove a point that he’s moved on and is comfortable around other women. She was so hurt she burst into tears.”

Mills is also said to be furious over other women that McCartney has recently been linked to including Rosanna Arquette and Nancy Shevell.

“Heather was seething, seeing his flirting as an attempt to humiliate her. She thinks he’s kidding himself is he thinks he’s stand a chance with Kylie anyway,” added another friend.

Meanwhile, the former model has threatened to move to the United States with her and McCartney’s daughter Beatrice is he doesn’t agree to a divorce settlement.

Source: Transworld News


10 Responses

  1. I’m not sure how reliable that news source is, considering the number of typos and misinformation (it looked to me like Kylie Minogue was standing up and dancing while singing “Dance Tonight”, not lying on a piano, but maybe I’m seeing things).

    Either way, it wouldn’t surprise me if Heather Mills was throwing another tantrum just so she wouldn’t fall out of the spotlight. I think that’s all she ever wanted to begin with.

  2. Kylie: no voice at all!!!! Paul is still ok, but his voice is not so good as it was in the 60’s…

  3. Hey Fabio – WTF? I bet Kylie is a better singer than you! Four exclamation marks? You must really hate her… And Paul, if you remember, is 40 years older than he was in the Sixties. Does that tell you something? Italians. Sheesh.

  4. I’m from England and watched that whole program and I must admit that I thought Paul was flirting with Kylie during the performance.

    Kylie did lay on the piano at one point during the programme but she was singing solo with Jools Holland playing the piano. Paul was not on stage with her at that time.

  5. I didn’t get the sense he was flirting, but hey, I’d flirt with her too! She looks GREAT for someone who has undergone chemotherapy and a lengthy recovery from cancer.

    And Paul sounds as great as he did in the 60s. He and Ringo have kept up pretty well over the years, unlike many of their contemporaries.

  6. On the subject of Paul’s voice – he can still belt it out as he did on Got To Get You Into My Life later in the programme. Not bad for a 64 year old, in my opinion. Better than Dylan and no doubt a few others. I didn’t notice the flirting but the song is a big nudge and wink song anyway.

  7. E’ vero la sua voce non è bella come negli anni 60…ma rimane sempre sexy!!! anzi, the sexier in the world!!!=)

  8. hi ulla, you aint fooling us. vero, lol. stop playing your little italian games.

  9. You stupid Americans will believe anything.
    Such dopes you all are.

  10. […] mathematics on the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills divorce is as […]

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