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Beatles for sale – to sell diapers and more!

Last July we posted a news announcement that Sony had sold the rights to use the anthem “All You Need is Love” in a diaper ad.  Many many Beatle fans cried about  the use of the song.  Never, would my beloved Beatles use their own songs and images to sell a product.  It would never happen.  Well folks, it has and will keep happening.  It seems that the floodgates have opened.

Look for more Beatle-tuned product commercials coming to a television set near you.

Here’s a fun little game for you.  What would your favorite Beatle scored commercial be? Let us know in the comments below.  Be as creative as you can.

  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds for Jarrod’s
  • When I’m 64 for life insurance
  • Piggie’s for jimmy Dean sausage
  • Taxman for H.R. Block Tax Advisors

Here’s what we’ve read.

The Beatles could soon be for sale after reports advertisers may be given permission to use the Fab Four’s music in their campaigns.

But music giant Sony says people will need more than cash to secure the right to use some of the world’s most famous tunes.

It maintains the final product must enhance the original music’s reputation.

One of the first deals already struck is for the 1967 classic anthem All You Need is Love to be used in a nappy advert.

Proctor and Gamble was given the go-ahead to use the song in its marketing campaign to spread the word about Luvs’ Bear Hug stretch nappies across the US.

Mark Rolland, of advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi which created the advert, said: “The song helps us break through the diaper advertising clutter and simply communicate to mums that Luvs diapers are ‘all you need’ to keep your baby happy.”

Martin Bandier, chief executive of Sony/ATV, is reported as saying: “The thought and the song were ideal for morning TV when young mothers are watching.

“We thought it was very tasteful.”

More than 250 songs, the majority of the Beatles’ catalogue, are owned by Sony/ATV.

It is understood a small number of those have been authorised to be used in ad campaigns – but only if they are recorded by someone else.

Sony has also authorised the use of samples of Beatles songs into other tracks created by rappers and hip-hop artists, with rap collective Wu-Tang Clan’s The Heart Gently Weeps recording their own version of George Harrison’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps to use in the new single.

The Beatles lost control of the group’s song rights in 1969 when their publishing arm Northern Songs was sold to Lew Grade’s ATV Music.

Ownership of ATV later passed to Australian entrepreneur Robert Holmes a Court and in 1985 Michael Jackson bought the rights to the 259 tracks, outbidding Sir Paul McCartney.

He formed a partnership with Sony in the 1990s.

Source: icLiverpool


7 Responses

  1. H&R Block already used Taxman in a commercial in 2002.

  2. Well, if I remember correctly, there were negotiations back in ’98 to use Drive My Car when the new VW Beetles were unveiled. I always thought it’d be cool to use a Beatles car song to advertise the Beetle car.

    Dr. Robert for any of the multitude of pharmaceutical commercials.

  3. Dear Prudential…

  4. as long as it’s not the original recordings, i guess it’s ok. besides i can change the channel if i can’t handle it.

  5. “I’m So Tired” to sell the need for a sleep-aid, and “I’m Only Sleeping” to show it working. Of course, the White Album closer “Good Night” is good for snoozing as well.
    The Stones actually recorded a Rice Krispies commercial circa 1965, and so in that vein, “Good Morning, Good Morning” to sell Kellogg’s Cornflakes (since it was the inspiration anyway).
    I’m sure the diamond cartel would have a field day with “I Will”.
    I hope none of this actually happens mind you! I like my Beatles in their proper context

  6. its about money.

  7. i just change the channel.

    i am glad it’s not the original versions.
    that’s one thing jackson and sony can’t touch, the original versions.

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