Ringo’s L8 tribute is set for city’s Capital of Culture launch

New Ringo folks.  There’s new Ringo tunes around the corner.  From the rumors we’ve heard about this album, it should be hotly anticipated.  It seems that Ringo will be heading in a new direction with this album. 

The house in Madryn Street, Liverpool, where Ringo Starr grew up

Ever forward thinking while still acknowleding his own storied past.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it.  Maybe Mr. Starkey took notes from Paul recently.  We cannot wait to hear this album, and it’s right around the corner. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

CAPITAL of Culture crowds will be given a sneak preview of Ringo Starr’s new album which pays homage to his Liverpool childhood.

Liverpool 8 is due to be released on Monday, January 14.

But guests at Liverpool’s Capital of Culture opening events can hear the Beatles’ legend play songs from the album live in Liverpool.

The title track from the record, Ringo’s first new solo release with Capitol/EMI since 1974, is to be released on Tuesday as a digital single.

Ringo said the upbeat track refers to the L8 area of the city where he was born and brought up.

He said: “The song was actually Dave Stewart’s idea, as a mini autobiographical travelogue.

“‘I was a sailor first …’ and then, ‘Liverpool I left you’ – because I did. ‘But I never let you down’, which is true.”

Although Starr and ex-Eurythmic Stewart – who is also due to appear at the official Capital of Culture opening event at the ECHO Arena on January 12 – have known each other for years, this is the first time they have collaborated.

Liverpool 8’s 12 tracks were all co-written by Starr and recorded in England and in California.

Ringo, who was born in Madryn Street in July 1940, will appear on top of St George’s Hall at the Capital of Culture “People’s Opening” on January 11, and at the ECHO Arena on January 12.

Source: Liverpool Echo


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