John Lennon iTunes video album to debut Dec. 4 at Starbucks

 WHOA!  Where did this come from?  The news of this release hit me totally out of left-field.  Are there many others ways that Yoko can release the Lennon solo catalog, that is the question.  It doesn’t look like there are any hidden gems on this digital only release, but I have to admit that it is tempting.

I mean, I have the Lennon video collection on DVD, but I think that $25.00 is worth the time spent converting the thing so that it fits on my iPOd.  I know, that sounds horrible, but it’s true.  Too,  the cards may become collectibles, and I think they are very sharp.  Maybe Paul will take a cue from this and release a download card at Starbucks for the bonus video footage that is included on the re-released super deluxe version of Memory Almost Full.  That way I don’t have to buy the whole album twice.  It’s really just the DVD and video that I want.

Either wasy, it looks like we are shelling out dough for something that many of us have a few times over.  Where is the Double fantasy footage with John in the cowboy hat that is supposedly lost, or does it supposedly exist.  Half-empty or half-full…whichever way you look at this release.

Here’s a question for you too, dear readers. Is this video album, then, considered in the official cannon of solo releases, even though it is a “new” Lennon release?  Just a thought to stir the argument pot.  Your thoughts in the comments.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Digital Release Card is Format’s First-Ever Music Video Title; Features 21 of Lennon’s Capitol/EMI Music Videos

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Capitol/EMI Music Marketing and iTunes will release a new “John Lennon Video Album” on December 4 at Starbucks locations nationwide. The “John Lennon Video Album,” the iTunes Digital Release card format’s first music video release, features 21 of Lennon’s music videos for $24.95.

The collectible cards, distinguished with a silver-toned photo of Lennon, may be redeemed on the iTunes Store for a collection of music videos which includes “Imagine,” “Woman,” “Happy Xmas,” “(Just Like) Starting Over,” “Nobody Told Me,” “Mind Games,” two versions of “Working Class Hero” and others, many of which are available digitally for the first time.

Current iTunes Digital Release card titles available at Starbucks include KT Tunstall’s “Drastic Fantastic” and Eddie Vedder’s “Into The Wild” soundtrack.

1. Imagine (Legend version)
2. Woman
3. Watching the Wheels
4. Mind Games
5. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
6. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
7. (Just Like) Starting Over
8. #9 Dream
9. Give Peace a Chance
10. Beautiful Boy
11. Jealous Guy
12. Nobody Told Me
13. Cold Turkey
14. Power to the People
15. Working Class Hero
16. Working Class Hero (Anthology version)
17. Love
18. Mother
19. Borrowed Time
20. Slippin’ and Slidin’
21. Stand By Me

Source: Capitol/EMI


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