Beatles hotel commission original artwork

Things are rockin’ and rolling at the new Hard Day’s Night hotel.  Previously, we had reported that they were hit with a bout of electrical problems, and their grand opening was delayed.  It’s nice to hear about new and plush Beatle-themed places opening out and about.  It’s nice to see.

We truly will have to make a trip across the pond to see this baby.  Not only does the hotel boast some top of the line amenities, and acutruements, but it has some swanky decorating that also sports a Beatle theme.  Sign me up for the John and Yoko suite.


Here’s what we’ve read.

Acclaimed Beatles artist, Shannon, has been commissioned to create more than 110 pieces of original artwork for the soon to open Hard Days Night Hotel. Based in Liverpool and just a few yards away from the world famous Cavern Club, the Hard Days Night Hotel will open in February 2008 coinciding with the city’s tenure as the European Capital of Culture.

Originating from Ocean Country, NJ, Shannon moved to her dream city of Los Angeles, CA. However, she recently moved back to New Jersey to be closer to Liverpool and start work on the Hard Days Night Hotel project. Shannon has a stunning portfolio including pieces created for King Features Syndicate (the company behind Betty Poop), Popeye and the original Beatles cartoons. She has created collectable sculptures of Chopper Motorcycles and Street Rods that are available across stores in the United States.

Shannon has also produced movie posters and celebratory postage stamps for Sylvester Stallone films such as Rocky and Driven and designed further stamp tributes for Elvis Presley, James Dean, Muhammad Ali, John and Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana amongst others. In the mid ‘90s Shannon designed artwork for Donald Trump and his casinos at the Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza. Her artwork has also featured on American television shows such as The Tonight Show, David Letterman and Oprah to name just a few.

Shannon is widely regarded as the greatest Beatles artist in the world and started her Beatles artwork by entering a 1990 Beatles Art Contest in New York where she won the first prize. She began to tour Beatles festivals around the world with just an Iwata Airbrush and Electric Eraser painting at live events to showcase her Beatles artwork. Her success was immediately recognised across the globe, especially in Liverpool. Shannon received a call from Bill Heckle from the world famous Cavern Club asking her to provide artwork for the historic Hard Days Night Hotel project. She was the only artist for the job.

Shannon’s specially commissioned artwork will adorn the walls of Hard Days Night Hotel telling the story of the Beatles from the ‘basement to the roof’ through the 110 guest bedrooms and public rooms. The stunning Grade II listed hotel also includes two stunning penthouses – the specially designed Lennon & McCartney suites – all featuring artwork from the “Shannon Collection” and dedicated to the life and times of these two Beatles. The pieces of artwork will be created in either sepia tone, black and white or vivid colour.

The Brasserie, a modern British restaurant available to hotel guests and non-residents and one of two high quality restaurants at the hotel, will be the location for one of the hotel’s ‘must see’ showpieces. It will feature imagery created by Shannon changing at certain times of the day to adapt to the restaurant’s shifting ambience throughout the day.

With the project nearing completion, Shannon commented: “I’ve been a Beatles fans for as long as I can remember and I was completely overwhelmed when I was invited to work on the is project. I’ve been tasked with producing more than 110 paintings in just over a year so it’s hard work but I love every minute of it!”

Trevor Lynn, Hard Days Night Hotel said: “The artwork is absolutely stunning and provides the core theme to the hotel. We are privileged to host Shannon’s artwork at Hard Days Night Hotel and to provide fans with the opportunity to relive the history of the Beatles in a boutique hotel just a stones throw from the Cavern Club.”

Source:  Easier


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