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The Beatles on iTunes? Who cares?

You may or may not care about the prospect of a downloadable Beatles’ catalog by now.  There have been tons of rumors, and what-ifs.  Speculation has abounded throughout the better part of this year about a digitized Beatle catalog.  I know, because I posted most of it.  I’m not so much a huge proponent of a downloadable Beatle catalog as much as I am really holding out for a remastered catalog.

I really don’t care what format the catalog is delivered in.  I would prefer a physical-CD format with my Beatle remasters.  I would hope that the remastered catalog would not be download only.  I don’t think that will happen at all.  I just want to see the Fab’s recorded legact put out in a quality way that is enjoyable.  It’s all about the music… 

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Paul McCartney is now saying the Beatles catalog won’t be available on iTunes until sometime next year. Yeah so? Maybe I don’t get it, but didn’t the “digitalization” of the Beatles catalog happen more than twenty years ago when they put out the CDs?

 So why are iTunes buyers a vast untapped Beatles market? The catalog is already online–if you have a hankering for Abbey Road buy the CD from Amazon and rip it right now.

I could give a hoot about the long-running legal feud between the Beatles’ music label Apple Corps and Steve Jobs’ Apple, and their endless haggling over the deal. Aren’t Steve Jobs and Sir Paul rich enough already?

Source: Cnet


9 Responses

  1. The fact that you can’t download them, I think, has given them a unexpected “cool” factor. It’s like a right of passage. You have to physically seek them out. I do almost all my browsing on iTunes and all my buying at brick and mortar stores because I like hard copies. That’s why i’m not too excited right now. Add some bonus content however and that may change. When it does happen, if more people are fortunate to discover this incredible music, then we’ll know it was the right decision. It is about the music, but it’s also about the people.

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  3. Personally all I care about is the CDs remastered. I follow the news and rumors related to Beatles on iTunes because I figure when their music is available for download the remastered catalog will follow soon behind (or ahead) of it in the stores.

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  5. I buy almost all my music through an online retailer. It’s not instant gratification, but it’s near to it, and I have a physical copy of the music in addition to the digital (because I always rip them, including the ones with the copy protection; I feel it’s my right as a consumer to make backups and as I live in a country that agrees, it’s 100% legal).

    I don’t care if the Beatles catalogs are ever available on iTunes. I WILL care when/if they ever release actual remastered music on CD, though. If that happens, I’m definitely THERE. Until then, I’ll just stick with ripping the collection I already own.

  6. I use iTunes and have pretty much over the past two years gotten everything I own imported such that I don’t even use a stereo anymore. Just the same I already own everything the Beatles have out on CD (accept Live at the BBC) so I don’t think I’ll start downloading any of their stuff. The iTunes Originals aren’t always that great. I only recommend them on song by song basis. But if you already have the song don’t bother.

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  8. The Beatles music is already available digitally on CD, anyone that needs it probably already has the songs on thier I-pod or what have you. Remasters would be great and when that time comes, I’ll be buying a hard copy. Download sales are still extremely minimal compared to CD sales anyway…

  9. You can buy all the Beatles’ officially released stuff, and much that isn’t, from the Russian download stores, and its all incredibly cheap.

    Personally I don’t really care how much it costs, I just want the whole catalogue remixed and remastered – its crying out for it..!!!!! I’ll download it if I have to, but CDs would be better.

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