Paul McCartney pleased with ‘Years’ DVD

I love it when artists go through their vaults.  So have done some house cleaning more than others.  It seems that Paul has been holding back on us a bit, but the flood gates are beginning to open a little at least.  I would hope that Paul has noticed the success that his peers, John and George, have had with their impressive boxed-sets of remastered back catalogs and rarities.  This DVD-set is a nice start to what could become quite a wealth of archived solo Paul McCartney releases.  Maybe Paul will also take a cue from his friend Neil Young and release some of those archived gems in the near future too.

The McCartney Years

It would be nice to see complete remastered versions of Rock Show and Unplugged on DVD, but those inclusions on this set are nice additions as well.  It’s hard to see why Paul was dreading the release of a project like this, I mean aside from some of the bad 1980’s era haircuts, and some cheesy videos.  There is a lot of charm in watching some of those videos though.  Hopefully this means there’s a lot more to come from the McCartney vaults.  If you haven’t gotten this set yet, it’s highly recommended.

Here’s what we’ve read.

British pop icon Sir Paul McCartney was pleasantly surprised by the vast amount of material available for his new DVD, “The McCartney Years.”

The three-disc set features videos from throughout his solo career along with live footage and a newly recorded commentary track by McCartney. The former Beatle says he was “dreading” the project initially but is thrilled with the results.

“I thought, ‘Oh, no, God — there’s not enough good stuff yet,’ ” McCartney explains. “But looking at it, I think some of the stuff I was a bit scared of I didn’t need to be scared off. Especially as it’s all been re-polished and buffed up, it looks at its shiny best and sounds good, they seem to stand up quite well.

“Once you see it all en mass, it’s particularly warming.”

In addition to the DVD, McCartney has released an expanded edition of his latest album, “Memory Almost Full,” featuring three bonus tracks and a DVD with videos and footage from a June concert in London.

Source: UPI


9 Responses

  1. Support a the singer but do not idelizied
    worshi;p the person, Go said I am your one and
    only true God. Bow down to know other Gods
    or false profits.

    He a great singer but
    I put God first, The Lords is
    with my heart.

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  2. correction:
    Bow do to no other Gods or false profits:

  3. IMHO, and just for the record, no one should become too obsessed with anything, or anyone…balance is the key I guess, BUT…I prefer the notion that God/Goddess/Spirit (a rose by any other name) is EVERYWHERE, EVERYONE & EVERYTHING (for me I can’t comprehend it being otherwise)…so you should address Paul McCarteny, your teacher, brother, best friend, etc. all as Gods/Goddeses. You are God, we all are, there is nothing that isn’t. Inclusive, expansive all Love all Light!!
    Onto this…seems like on OK collection, certainly won’t be getting it myself, but what intrigued was the hopeful comment about Macca finally releasing, a la Neil Young, any amount of his massive archives. It would be nice if one of the good things to come of this divorce was that Macca devised creative ways to help shoulder the bill/bills (not that he can’t already afford it) by digging into his extensive, and often wonderous, archives and finally (remember the oft proposed “Cold Cuts”) giving us all those oddities in one box, instead of strewn over b-sides, bootlegs, soundtracks, etc. . Blessings

  4. Never ment to give cold feet:
    Never ment to be a God.
    reading of in lightment I testified
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    I said before in my last statment I support Paul Mc. Cartney in his works he carriers good tones.
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    Light is alway remembered faith and true.
    Stren is a touch of serious with mater of the
    Heart of descipline.

    Congratation hym of souls song to the lord.

    Let Paul to the world with his sprirt and grace
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    to the audiance.

    Light of hope in the world of with-in everyone
    Even also a part of you, In- you.

  5. Having had anticipated this DVD for quite a while, I have to say I was disappointed. Not only is it NOT complete, there are lots of clips and videos not included, but the picture quality is so poor that it makes you wonder what sweatshop did the so called mastering. Even recent videos from the 80’s are so poor in quality that I can’t believe they couldn’t simply take the orginal source material and clean it up a bit. It looks like they took most of the videos from a videocassette. This certainly is not the definitive McCartney DVD. That has yet to be released.

  6. if you hate it, don’t buy it. i bought it and i love it. beatle fans love to grip, lol…gripe..i listen to the music….

  7. I rented the McCartney Years 3 DVD set from Netflix and enjoyed it. Not a fan of MTV, most of these videos were new to me. The highlights for me were the Unplugged and Glastonbury performances. I think I might look for these full performances on bootleg DVDs they are that good. As with most artists releases this time of year, this is Christmas product to sell. But for fans, it is an interesting collection. Damn the man is talented….Enjoy.

  8. Liven up, folks! With this 3 DVD release, Macca once again is giving his fans spectacular value and interest. This compilation beats by far my ragtag VHS collection of videos arduously collected from late-night broadcasts plus some ragged bootlegs.

    The wealth of material is refreshing. Not only classics like Say Say Say, but rarely seen oddments like Baby’s Request, the South Bank Show, etc. Macca’s commentaries are moderately interesting and a nice addition.

    Have you noticed that a bunch of “stealth” songs are included? Check out the full-length songs (not just a short clip) showing in the background on each and every DVD menu screen. The one on the first screen of DVD 1 is from the Backyard film (maybe that film will be released eventually).

    Have you noticed the 2-image views on some songs? Check out that little “camera” icon. The alternate views are not that thrilling, in fact.

    As for value: In 1982 I bought “Let It Be” on VHS (it was the latest thing then, children…) for $70, or 88 cents a minute–over a dollar a minute, inflation-adjusted. AHDN was about the same. The Macca Years is $25 for 6 and 3/4 HOURS. That works out at 6 cents a minute. And that time count may not include the commentaries, the songs in the menu listings, and the 2-image views.


    – No, it isn’t “complete”. Nor is pretty much anything else that has ever been made. But well over six hours ain’t half bad.
    – Yes, video quality some years ago was less good than it is now.
    – No, when most of these promos were made they were not made for posterity.
    – Yes, the videos have been cropped to fit the trendy widescreen format, so some of the picture is lost. [Worst Beatles example of this: My video friend tells me that “Let It Be” was cropped (top and bottom) from its original 16 mm to a widescreen format for the cinema, and then some versions were cropped (left and right) from THAT to make it fit the 4:3 TV shape again. Butchery! The film grain was bad enough even before this extreme cropping.]

  9. I have Let it Be–Mine as about 40% digitaly restored & the rest is the orig plus other footage not on the film !
    Lots of b/w & rare stuff! While doing Let it Be–there was over 60hrs filmed–John took it into a closet–cut it up & threw in the air–THERE IS YOUR FILM!

    The pieceing of the fim is from 1 spot to a jut to a next like star wars does–The B/w is 1 cam & stays with them for a long time!

    Total time of mine is around 2hrs—I have about 6 differnt covers from the vhs–to many others!

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