McCartney: Beatles Should Go Digital Next Year

I know, I know.  It feels like I’ve been kicking and beating a dead horse throughout the year.  We’ve posted rumors, thoughts, speculation and more regarding the prospect of a remastered Beatles’ catalog availbe via download.  Well folks, it looks like it is approaching faster and faster.

Paul himself admits that its coming, and they want to make sure that they get things right.  Once, again I will ask you all.  What are your expectations for a downloadable Beatles’ catalog?   Would you like to see stereo and mono editions of the albums?  5.1 surround sound?  DVD extras?  Bonus outtakes?  You get the idea.  I know, we’d all like to have it all, but somehow I don’t know if everything is possible.  We’ll have to wait and see.

  • Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

As he rolls out a new DVD and expanded edition of his latest album, Paul McCartney is predicting the Beatles’ catalog will make its long-awaited and long-desired arrival in the digital realm next year.

McCartney tells that “it’s all happening soon. Most of us are all sort of ready. The whole thing is primed, ready to go — there’s just maybe one little sticking point left, and I think it’s being cleared up as we speak, so it shouldn’t be too long. It’s down to fine-tuning, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be happening next year, 2008.”

McCartney adds that any delays in bringing the Fabs’ music to the Internet have been due to “contractual” issues as well as deliberate planning by all parties involved. “You’ve got to get these things right,” he explains. “You don’t want to do something that’s as cool as that and in three years time you think, ‘Oh God, why did we do that?!”

In the meantime, McCartney is giving fans plenty to hear — and see. “The McCartney Years” is a three-DVD set that features videos and concert footage from throughout his solo career, including newly recorded McCartney commentary tracks and a wealth of rare and unreleased material. McCartney says he was initially not inclined to do a video collection — “It’s almost like your memoirs; you want to wait ’til your sort of done,” he explains — but was convinced by director Dick Carruthers and executive production consultant Ray Still.

“They sold me on it,” says McCartney, who served as the set’s executive producer. “They cleaned up the picture and sound, and I was like, ‘Geez, I’ve never heard it like this. I’ve never seen it like this,’ so I started to get excited. They really did all the work; I just sort of approved and smiled and admired what they were doing.”
“The McCartney Years” comes out in tandem with an expanded edition of his latest album, “Memory Almost Full.” The new version features three bonus tracks — including a rare instrumental called “In Private” — videos for the singles “Dance Tonight” and “Ever Present Past” — and a DVD from his June 7, 2007, concert at London’s Electric Ballroom.

“We differentiated it from the others so you weren’t buying the same thing twice,” McCartney says. “It’s a completely new album, in a way, and for people who don’t have the (original) one, you get the regular album as well. It’s nice to do that.”

Source: Billboard


7 Responses

  1. Hopefully “should” turns into “will” very soon!!! And also throw in the words “remastered: or “remixed” for good measure!

  2. Agree with Raj, remastered is important. I would also add mono and stereo mixes for albums through the White Album, because they do sound different. I remain skeptical they will put out the mono mixes. Hey, Apple/EMI, prove me wrong!!!!

  3. RE-MIXED!!! and remastered, with all the bass that was sliced off before, if pos. I’m sick of hearing crazy stereo mixes with everything panned all over the place. Bass, drums and lead vocal in the middle please, if pos!! 😉

  4. Remastered and Remixed the way the Yellow Submarine Songtrack was done. It was crystal clear and sounded up to date. George Martin’s work on the Love soundtrack was far more conservative. I really hope he’s not the one supervising the restoration of the Beatles catalogue. The point is to sonically upgrade The Beatles music so that it can hold it’s own in the CD player alongside modern releases by other artists. All the 1987 CD releases sound as if they are buried in a layer of mud. How nice it will be to hear these songs restored to the vitality they deserve.

    As for the mono-files, it ain’t gonna happen. Maybe as bonuses one day on some box set… Let’s get the full catalogue up to snuff first along with an official release of the Christmas album beforing worrying about mono.

  5. and now and then in there too.

  6. i wish they will remixed everything because now
    we have let it be naked anthology’s yellow submarine
    songtrack remixed with the latest technology. It will
    be stupid to remastered all their catalog instead
    of remixing as far as I’m concerned i’m a sound
    engineer in canada for some record companies
    and remastering won’t change a thing

  7. Really hoping for mono versions of everything up to and including White Album.
    Current stereo CDs of Help, Rubber Soul & Revolver especially are horrible. Rubber Soul in mono packs a real punch.
    Mono was how they were intended to be heard.
    Each album only lasts half an hour anyway, so I hope they put out mono and stereo versions on each CD.
    Didn’t Capitol do that with the US issues a while back?
    This really matters.

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