Paul McCartney’s sticking to moneyed honeys

First off, dear readers, let me apologize for the lack of posts over the weekend.  It’s been a busy weekend of dodging raindrops and picking up all of the fallen leaves that have besieged my house and yard.  I’m so sorry that I have been away.  It seems in the interim that Paul McCartney has found a new flame, and she is stirring up the tabloid news in New York City.

It’s weird, maybe Paul is one of those guys who simply cannot be alone, or without companion.  I mean if we trace all of his relationships throughout his very public life, I cannot think of a time that he was without some kind of companion.  It must be hard.

Trucking heiress Nancy Shevell was spotted kissing Paul McCartney.

By the way, this may go as one of the all-time greatest news headlines ever.  It seems that Paul may have learned his lesson.  He’s only dating rich girls now.  What a snob, that Paul McCartney…sheesh.  Can you blame him?   

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Money can’t buy love, but it sure helps.

Just ask Paul McCartney, who has reportedly told friends he’ll only date women of means.

It’s one of current flame Nancy Shevell’s best assets, according to the Sunday Mirror.

“The fact Nancy is successful in her own right makes him feel much more relaxed around her. Paul says she is not with him for what’s in it for her. He will certainly now only date women who have their own means,” an unnamed friend said in yesterday’s edition of the newspaper.

The man who wrote “Can’t Buy Me Love” is singing the new tune since the acrimonious breakup of his marriage to Heather Mills.

McCartney, 65, has been linked to upper East Sider Shevell, 47, since the pair were photographed in the Hamptons last week. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority board member is the daughter of wealthy New England Motor Freight owner Mike Shevell. She is separated from her husband, Bruce Blakeman, a commissioner at the Port Authority.

McCartney’s beloved first wife, Linda Eastman, was born into a wealthy New York family and started a successful vegetarian food business.

“He said Linda never asked him for money – even though she knew she could have what she wanted from him,” the friend said.

Mills has been fighting McCartney for a hefty slice of his reported $1.6 billion fortune.

Source: NY Daily News


3 Responses

  1. Too bad that Heather has jaded him in that way. He could miss out on a terrific, but less moneyed, woman by limiting himself to only the rich. But, I understand his fear. Maybe doing a through background check (on the quiet of course) would be enough to weed out the loonies. And just because someone has money, it doesn’t mean they couldn”t still be after some other secondary gain, like the fame and status that comes with being Lady McCartney.

  2. Don’t believe this story! Come on guys, you know Paul isn’t like that. It says he “reportedly told a friend” he liked rich girls. This is just some tabloid writer trying to make money.

  3. Ничего себе – заменить Джона на Нэнси! Этак Пол и сам скоро очкариком станет.

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