AUDIO: Pete Doherty interviews Paul McCartney

I know it was almost a month ago that Pete Doherty interviewed Paul McCartney from rehab.  We had posted a small news tidbit about it back when it happened.  We did not post a link to the audio of the interivew however. It’s funny how some things just slip through the cracks.

Man, it’s very strange to hear Paul swear, especially using the F-word.  Creepy.

The idea has been put to Sir Paul McCartney and out of everyone he could have picked to interview him, he’s chosen the Babyshambles singer and tabloid fixture Peter Doherty. Only trouble is, Pete is currently in rehab, but after some tactful negotiations, he is allowed out of his clinic for the afternoon. So it is, with only OMM otherwise present in the hotel suite, that the two sit down to talk one recent Thursday afternoon. But first, Pete wants to give Sir Paul a present …

(We’re not sure when they are going to take it down, so listen while you can.)

Source: Guardian UK


4 Responses

  1. matt-what’s the big deal with the F word? you’ve seen the dvd anthology, right? the threetles did some cursing on that, sounding more like real, not sanitized, people. i thought paul sounded pretty normal…..really, no big deal………he’s just another old hippie, like us ( like me), right? it’s the way people talk, among themselves, in the 21st century……

  2. I know I know….to me though it’s still weird….It’s not like Paul is known to be a guy who curses a lot…

  3. I guess you’ve never heard Paul tell a dirty joke, then:

  4. Paul McCartney has been around a long time. It hardly surprises me that he curses but I think he is a very intelligent fellow who chooses the right time(s) when he does; just as most of us do. No doubt when with his mates ( like John Lennon, back in the day, who was very fond of cursing) ~ the four of them cursed all the time as mates do. He is just a normal guy with an extraordinary talent. I also just want to say that I am offended when people speak rudely about Paul – I read a really weird diatribe from some guy online recently who was angry at Paul for not genuflecting to Morrissey. What is this rot? Leave the man alone. He is 70 years old or damn near. Give him the respect he deserves.

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