RINGO at HELP! Screening in Beverly Hill.

The re-release of the Beatles’ spy-spoof film, Help!, has at least brought Ringo out on the PR circuit.  Not only is our favorite drummer busy hoisting flags for charity to promote his film exploits, but he is also busy attending special screenings in Hollywood.  Such a busy man.  There’s been a flurry of Ringo news and sightings this week!  We love it.


Now only if they’d put him in the hallowed Hall in Cleveland as a solo artist.  The timing would be opportune with a new album coming out next year as well.  Here’s a report of the goings-on in Hollywood from Chris Carter, host of the awesome radio show Breakfast with the Beatles.  (Thank you Chris for sending us your report. It’s always appreciated.)

Here’s what we’ve read. 

Last night at The Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills , Apple Corps Ltd and Capitol/EMI held a very special screening of the Beatles second film HELP!

This was to celebrate the films re-release on DVD. New Apple Chef Executive Jeff Jones was on hand to kick off the evening with a few words and then introduced the invite only crowd to the film’s “STAR”…Mr. Ringo Starr who also said a few words about the film including the fact that he always enjoyed the film as it’s plot revolved around him!. Funny Ringo! Also in attendance were: Jeff Lynne, Eric Idle, Cameron Crowe, Rusty Anderson & Brain Ray (from Macca band), Kevin Nealon, CAA Head Richard Lovett, Jim Keltner and Olivia Harrison to name just a few. My last minute guest was Beatle historian Mark Lewisohn who was in town to research his up coming massive three-part book on the Beatles. Mark and I had an interview scheduled for last night but we got or dates wrong and when he phoned me to see where I was, I informed him I was driving in to see HELP! He asked if I wouldn’t mind picking him up! It was a great surprise to have the world most respected Beatle researcher Mark along for the ride. Look for part 1 of his upcoming Beatle book due out by 2009….with the last edition somewhere along 2018!!!!

My interview w/ Mark Lewisohn will air this Sunday on Breakfast w/ the Beatles 95.5 KLOS- FM Los Angeles.

Source: Breakfast with The Beatles


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