Hair Peace: Lennon’s locks on the auction block(s).

If I had an unlimited supply of money…right.  Let me start that again.  If I had the expendable income I may bid on this item.  Think about it.  With this item we could, when technology catches up with our imaginations, clone John Lennon.  I know it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

John Lennon's hair auction

C’mon they did clone Dolly the sheep.  People will come down the line.  With the purchase of Lennon’s locks, I would be preserving the unlikely possibility of a full-Beatle reunion in the distant future through the advances of cloning. 

They should have had a two-for-one deal, and put George’s hair up for sale too.  Call it the cloner’s special.   I jest of course.  It seems a little weird….

Here’s what we’ve read.

Betty Glasgow, the stylist on the Beatles movies, has at last put her prized possession on the market given to her in the mid-sixties by the Beatle. The lock of hair (which may still contain some grease and arrogance) is expected to raise between two and three thousand pounds at auction.

“My job was to keep their hair in order as the film was made over three months,” said Grisly Betty, “So their trademark, mop-top haircuts had to be regularly trimmed.”

That’s three months of hair from four Beatles that Betty has mouldering away in an old suitcase somewhere, the odd old witch. It’s a good job she hasn’t been tempted to flood the market, or we’d be up to out knees in McCartney’s pubes.

Lennon’s lock makes up just one part of the sale of the ‘Betty Glasgow Collection of Beatles and Film Memorabilia’ to be auctioned on December 12th, so if you’re after an original Ringo kidney stone or a pair of underpants in which George Harrison suffered night sweats, get yourselves to the auction house. Then to a psychiatrist.

Source: Holy Moly


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  1. Yes; it is possible. Humans can be cloned. He certainly was an interesting one who made the world a happier place. For goodness sake, save that hair!
    If you clone him one day; then he’d indeed be an actual moptop…. LOL

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