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‘Paul admits wife abuse on tape’

 If have tried to not post stories here about Paul and Heather’s divorce proceedings, but things have been getting pretty intense in the divorce proceedings.  Things are getting quite ugly between the two parties in the divorce.  It doesn’t seem that things can be sorted out amicably at all.  It’s quite sad to see.

I know there are two sides to every story, but it’s hard to imagine who is spinning this story more.  Is Heather exaggerating the situation, or is Paul’s silence a sign of guilt.  It’s really hard to tell.  Whoever you choose to believe, there really is no “winner” in this sad situation.  I hope that all things get finalized in a swift manner.

Here’s what we’ve read.

Heather Mills, the estranged wife of former Beatle Paul McCartney, has reportedly produced a tape in which he allegedly admitted hitting his late wife, Linda.

After going on British television to complain bitterly about her treatment by Britain’s media – and saying it had driven her close to suicide – Mills reportedly played the tape off air.

A witness who listened in told UK newspaper The Mirror: “It was extraordinary. Heather and Paul were shouting. He can be heard confessing he hit Linda ‘once or twice’.”

Mills has previously claimed she has “evidence”, including phone bugs and voice-activated recordings, that show McCartney was violent to his former wife.


McCartney has refused to answer these allegations reportedly saying that his relationships are “intensely personal” and he prefers to keep them that way.

The Mirror also said Paul McCartney had told friends last night he feared Mills was on the verge of “a total breakdown”.

Paul and Linda’s daughter, Stella, was “less than impressed” with Mills’ outbursts, according to an unnamed source.

“She remarked, ‘Well, it’s Halloween, isn’t it? That’s when all the evil witches come out’,” the source told the paper.

Earlier yesterday, Mills gave two television interviews to promote a campaign calling for a change in laws governing the media that would offer individuals greater protection.

“I’ve had 18 months of absolute abuse,” Mills told the ITV network in an interview during which she fought back tears several times.

“They’ve called me a whore, a gold-digger, a fantasist, a liar, the most unbelievably hurtful things.

“I’ve stayed quiet for my daughter. We’ve had death threats, I’ve been close to suicide … I’ve had worse threats than a pedophile or a murderer and I’ve done nothing but charity for 20 years,” Mills said.

The 39-year-old former model also announced that she would seek European legislation to compel newspapers to apologise for untruthful stories.

During an interview on the BBC network, Mills was asked whether she feared for her life.

“Yes I do, yes I do,” she replied.

“And you are saying that Paul McCartney does not protect you and your child?”, the BBC interviewer asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Mills said.

Earlier in the day, she told ITV’s GMTV morning show that she had taken precautions because of death threats.

“I have a box of evidence that’s going to a certain person, should anything happen to me, so if you top me off it’s still going to that person, and the truth will come out,” she told ITV.

“There is so much fear from a certain party of the truth coming out that lots of things have been put out and done, so the police came ’round and said ‘you have had serious death threats from an underground movement’.”

On the BBC, she was asked if the tabloid newspapers were at fault.

“It’s the tabloids and a certain party, but it is so extreme and so abusive … I mean, I’ve been called monster, whore, gold digger, fantasist, liar.”

Paul McCartney has declined to respond to the screened interviews.

“There’s no comment from our side,” his spokesman Stuart Bell said.

The couple announced their separation in May and began divorce proceedings in July. They have a three-year-old daughter, Beatrice.

Paul McCartney has also complained about media coverage of the divorce, which may produce the biggest financial settlement ever in Britain.

“There’s only one real answer to the massive press coverage – don’t look,” he said in an interview published in May.

“So I don’t read it.”

Source: News.com.au


12 Responses

  1. Heather is a most manipulative, scheming person who will say or do anything to get her way. Her rantings against Paul will not endear her to anyone – I think they are having the opposite effect. And I highly doubt that Paul was abusive to Linda, but even if he was, what does that have to do with anything? If Paul ever struck Heather, I’m sure she drove him to it!

    Heather has made her own bed by her extraordinarily bad behavior, and now she must lie in it. I feel badly for Paul having to go through all this insanity.

  2. I read a quote from her that claimed that Paul cheated on Linda. They hardly ever spent a day apart, except for the time he was in jail in Japan. So, when would he have the opportunity to cheat? I agree with Peggy…Mucca will do whatever it takes to get her way and to get everyone to have sympathy for her. The one that will suffer in the long run is Beatrice.

  3. Heather has now pretty much accused Stella of making death threats. Now I can believe that Stella loathes Heather, but death threats? I can’t believe that.

    And whatever was between Paul and Linda was their business, and nothing to do with Heather, so I don’t know why she’s bringing it up. Unless she’s got evidence that he abused HER, it seems like it’s just muckraking.

    Ever notice how paranoid people always have a big box of supposed “evidence” that they don’t want to share with authorities until/unless someone kills them? That’s what Heather is claiming she has, and if someone (presumably Stella) kills her, the “evidence” is going to be sent to “certain parties” and the “truth” will be known…

    I think Heather is losing her mind. I can’t say I blame her, the pressure must be extraordinary. I agree that the press has been hounding her mercilessly. I wish Paul would step in and take custody of Beatrice. I don’t think Heather is mentally stable.

  4. I am not crazy about celebrity news and try not pass judgment on them. However, Heather Mills strikes me as an unhinged paranoid. I’m sure Paul and Linda were not a perfect couple. It would seem that even if there was a darker side to their relationship that it was something they worked out. I would think that if there was some violent behavior, their children would not have stood for it. I haven’t seen nor heard anyone in that clan attacking their father – so I really don’t place any value on Mills’ claims. The way she acted on tv this past week pretty much works against her – talk about maudlin!

  5. this article just made me dislike that wretched woman even more, if possible. she keeps making all of these CLAIMS without just showing the EVIDENCE. Paul needs to just take custody of Beatrice, and Heather needs to just…go away. preferably forever. It would be better for Paul & Bea. And undoubtedly for Stella, who just LOVES her soo much. (obvious sarcasm, there).

  6. Just remember, there are 3 sides to stories like this. His side; her side; and the truth. Unfortunately we are only likely to hear the first 2…

  7. paul is the truth, heather is the lie, end of story.

  8. […] MISSHANDEL har hon envetet hävdat förekom, och med en åsnas envishet, säger hon – efter skilsmässan – är att han super och knarkar. Han är farlig, slår! Han säger att hon ljuger, och tänker bara på pengar! Hon envisas… och retar väl upp samtliga Beatlesfans. Dottern – Stella MacCartney – sägs ha kallat henne en manipulerande ko. Hon anklagas för att vara en hora, osv. Seriösa skribenter börjar undra…och vissa anser att han har erkänt. […]

  9. […] Dottern – Stella McCartney – sägs ha kallat henne manipulerande ko. Hon anklagas för att vara en hora osv. Seriösa skribenter börjar undra… och vissa anser att han har erkänt. […]

  10. My daughter met Paul McCartney at an event in Chicago. She was a HUGE McCartney fan. However, she said that he was pretty much a druggie type “burnout”, saying things that really didn’t make sense and acting weird. This was when he was married to Heather. We don’t know what went on behind closed doors but I’ve seen interviews of Paul and Linda together and she never seemed very happy.

  11. […] Dottern – Stella McCartney – sägs ha kallat henne manipulerande ko. Hon anklagas för att vara en hora osv. Seriösa skribenter börjar undra… och vissa anser att han har erkänt. […]

  12. […] Dottern – Stella McCartney – sägs ha kallat henne manipulerande ko. Hon anklagas för att vara en hora osv. Seriösa skribenter börjar undra… och vissa anser att han har erkänt. […]

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