Paul Rocks the Roundhouse Theater + VIDEO.

 Sometimes things just slip through the cracks around here.  We forgot to report that Paul McCartney rocked out at the Roundhouse Theatre last week.  For someone who is not touring, Paul sure is racking up those promotional appearances and one-off gigs to promote the latest album, which is being released soon in super-extra-deluxe edition.  The setlist is not too different from the promotional gigs Paul and the gang performed earlier in the year, but it’s nice to see that he’s mixing things up a little bit. 

Rumor had it that the preshow music for the Roundhouse Theater performance would include a long-lost, relatively unheard, experimental Beatle gem.  Sadly it was not to meant to be.  Instead, the crowd was treated to some music from Paul’s Firemen project.  Still experimental and exciting, but no Carnival of Light.  It seems that a splendid time was had by all.  We wish we could have been there.

  • Watch the VIDEO from the BBC Eectric Proms website.  (It should be up and active through the week.)  Watch it while you can. 

Here’s what we’ve read.

Sir Paul McCartney bound onto the stage at the BBC’s second “Electric proms” last night and was all bounce, wave, howl and banter.

“Do you think he’ll do any Beatles stuff?”, the man in front of me asked his friend over the roar of welcome from the Camden crowd.

We have only seconds to wait for an answer: McCartney burst into a technicolour blast of Magical mystery tour, beckoning the jubilant audience to enjoy the ride as he took us through some of the high points of his 40 year career in rock’n’roll.

Bravely acknowledging that most of his finest and best loved songs were written in his Fab Four days, McCartney’s set alternates energetic Beatles’ songs (Eleanor Rigby, I saw her standing there, Blackbird and a rollicking Back in the USSR) with solo and wings numbers.

Exchanging his old golden bass for a jaunty mandolin, the first solo-era tune of the night is Dance tonight – the first single from McCartney’s latest album Memory almost full.

Playlisted on drivetime radio, the chipper melody can grate, especially the whistled part, but strummed here it has the warmhearted feel of an old-time pub singalong.

McCartney’s voice has weathered incredibly well – the eyebrows shoot up in concentration and emotion as he hits the high notes, but they always did. And as the brows lift, the knees bend and the singer balances on his toes, drawing attention to the fact his cavern-club era suit is accessorised with a pair of trendy white-heeled trainers.

There’s a matey amount of audience interaction between songs.

“Two women from California love you”, Sir Paul reads, squinting at a sign held up about five rows back. “Only two?” he quips. “Oh dear”.

Introducing “an old song” I’ll follow the sun, he chides the instant cheers saying: “Don’t cheer it just because its old!”

He clearly wants to be judged on merit and durability rather than for his nostalgia value.

But he’s a sentimental old hippy himself. Singing a ballad addressed to John Lennon, he openly declares his love for his former bandmate, while acknowledging: “If you were here today, you’d probably laugh”.

He doesn’t openly declare anything about his current personal problems, although in one new song, That was me, he expresses the disconcerting speed at which his life has been travelling. “That was me at the altar, in those pictures”.

Despite all the Beatles anthems with which he ends the show – Hey Jude, Let it be and Get back – it’s McCartney’s Bond theme Live and let die, which the punters are humming as they head back out into the rain.

Yowling and hammering the piano keys for all he was worth as fireworks banged and fizzed above the stage, the 80s drama of the song really seemed to fire something in McCartney, who left the stage clutching bunches of red roses and a stuffed, white Bond villain cat. Bouncing and waving.

Source: Telegraph

Here’s the setlist from the evening’s performance, as well.  Impressive as ever.

‘Magical Mystery Tour’
‘Flaming Pie’
‘Got To Get You Into My Life’
‘Dance Tonight’
‘Only Mama Knows’
‘Calico Skies’
‘Eleanor Rigby’
‘Band On The Run’
‘Back In The USSR’
‘Live And Let Die’
‘Hey Jude’
‘Let It Be’
‘Lady Madonna’
‘I Saw Her Standing There’


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  1. The setlist above was broadcast on BBC2. The entire performance was broadcast on BBCi.

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