Have you heard the new Sgt. Pepper bootleg tracks?

I usually do not post too many news items about bootlegged albums, but you may remember a little something posted a few weeks ago about some internet DJ’s playing multi-track takes from Sgt. Pepper.

 While these tracks were mind-blowing, we all kept holding out for the actual separated complete tracks.  These tracks are true gems, folks.  It is the real deal.  Superlatives simply do not cover how truly awesome these are.

I can picture many amateur George Martins firing up their computers and making their own Sgt. Pepper remixes.  This is too cool, people.  It’s the first bootleg release that has completely floored me in years.  I was stopped dead in my tracks.  I don’t know how these tracks have made their way out, but somehow they have.

I’m mulling over some kind of contest, and giving away copies to our lucky readers.  Please stay tuned.  Also, if you have any suggestions for such a contest, please email me.  I am not going to offer them up here on the blog directly, but I figured we could make a contest out of it for a spot of fun.

Here’s a look at the tracklisting for the Sgt. Pepper multi-tracks from the folks over at Purple Chick.  (FYI: This release is an addendum to the Purple Chick released SPLHCB Deluxe album released earlier this year.) 

Disc 3 Sessions
21-SPLHCB instrumental
22-WALHFMF instrumental
23-ADITL intrumental no orchestra

Disc 4 Sessions
31-SPLHCB no effects
32-SLH vocals
33-ADITL intrumental

DISC SIX – MultiTracks

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
1: Applause and crowd noise
2: Backing track
3: Lead and backing vocals
4: Lead guitar and brass

With A Little Help From My Friends
5: Percussion, bass guitar, guitar
6: Backing track
7: Lead and backing vocals, organ
8: Backing vocals, guitar

She’s Leaving Home
9: Strings #1
10: Strings #2
11: Lead and backing vocals
12: Harmony and backing vocals

A Day In The Life
13: Piano and lead vocals
14: Guitar and tambourine
15: Jangle piano, orchestra
16: Bass guitar and drums

Full Multitrack Remixes
17: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
18: With A Little Help From My Friends
19: She’s Leaving Home
20: A Day In The Life


14 Responses

  1. is there any way we can download these?

  2. If you get the Beatlegs podcast on iTunes, you know that they released the strings-only part of She’s Leaving Home. I’m guessing there will be more to come.

  3. How did you get your hands on them in the first place? Can they be purchased?

  4. Hey Aaron,

    Which Beatlegs podcast has the strings-only version of She’s Leaving Home?

  5. Nathaniel,

    The Purple Chick sets are never for sale, they are by trade only….

  6. Are any of these tracks different from the podcast? Are these the actual multis, with a breakdown of each track on each song?

  7. These are the actual multis. Each track is separated out, and complete.

  8. These are the most amazing things to listen to. In the vocal tracks you can hear one or the other of them talking in the back or coughing and other sounds. On the Paul and John Vocals on WIth a Little Help you here some directions from Paul, in Day in the Life while Paul is singing his part, John is making noises in the back. This is fantastic stuff. You actually feel like you are in the studio with them. This stuff is truly amazing. I wish there were more.

  9. Here’s a link for all those interested in this mind blowing material:


    Now when are we gonna get the multi tracks for Lucy in the Sky, Getting Better, Fixing A Hole, Mr. Kite, Within You, Without You, When I’m 64, Good Morning, Good Morning, and the Reprise?!?!

  10. I’m one of those ‘amature george martin”s who was in tears at the chance to mix beatle music myself. I literally cried as I mixed my own take of A Day In The Life.

    Amazing recordings and I hope more make their way out. I’ve learned more about music production from these tracks, than any other experience.

  11. […] The White Album deluxe edition is ten discs, including home demos.  Last year, they released Sgt. Pepper with all four tracks isolated.  These releases are nerd-only events, but events […]

  12. The Sgt. Pepper’s unmixed tracks… This is THE holy grail of all rock music geekdom! (I think this even beats a finished SMiLE?) Thank you whoever you are for making this available!

    Not only does this give insight & appreciation into the making of the album, it gives us music lovers a whole new Zaireeka-like way to experience it. And even though the final album is greater than the sum of its parts, the individual tracks sound SO good… It makes me wish the clarity of the individual tracks could be retained in the final mix. Maybe someone needs to develop a 8.1 (or 16.1) surround sound system for listening to these albums like this?

    The only way this could be better would be to go one step further and get the pre-bounce tracks. But more importantly…
    Someone please give us the remaining 7 songs. And while you’re at it, how about Revolver, Rubber Soul, Magical Mystery Tour, the White Album, Abbey Road and all the rest?

    Not to mention the Grateful Dead’s “Aoxomoxoa” & “Anthem of the Sun” (you hear unmixed pieces in their “Anthem to Beauty” documentary and it sounds fantastic), Hendrix “Electric Ladyland” etc, “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”, and of course “Pet Sounds” and the original SMiLE sessions. And the Stooges “Raw Power” and Black Flag “Damaged”. The list could go on forever… Release each one with an accompanying 33 1/3 book.

    All great albums should be released in this format, I feel privileged to be able to hear this stuff… even if it’s not the artist’s wishes (sorry guys you can’t blame a fan for enjoying this, and I would pay for it if you put it on the market [at a reasonable price] )…

  13. Can anyone give me any information on asian bootleg albums?

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