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Lennon fulfilled my dream to marry a priest… + VIDEO.

OK this news story is just bizarre.  We all know that Yoko Ono is a little, how shall we say, off her rocker sometimes.  I mean there was that dog story earlier in the year, and there are some of her weirder art installations.  Maybe, truly, she just looks at the world a little differently than most, and that is OK.  She gets a free pass, most of the time.

This time, I think she maybe stretching things a little bit.  Anytime anyone states that he is more popular than Jesus Christ, I would think that it would automatically disqualify you from ever being considered priest-like.  Did John Lennon advocate for peace later in his life, and impact the world in a good way?  Yes, of course.  But he also proclaimed himself more popular than God.  A God whom he later renounced in song.  Anyway, when I think of the priesthood I don’t always think of John Lennon.

To that end, I present to you two Lennon videos that “celebrate” (please note the sarcasm) John Lennon’s priest-like ways.

John Lennon – GodPlastic Ono Band

John Lennon – Press Conference – “More Popular than Jesus

Here’s what we’ve read.

Yoko Ono, widow of Beatles legend John Lennon, believes her dreams of marrying a priest were fulfilled because the singer’s spirit was “priest-like”.

She believes Lennon was more spiritual than most, reports contactmusic.com. Ono desired to marry a religious man and help him raise a family.

She said: “In my 20s, I wanted to be a writer, and I think I am. I wanted to marry a priest and, as his wife, take care of the Sunday school. This almost became true – John’s spirit was priest-like.”

Ono also dreamt that she and Lennon would live a long peaceful life together but all that ended when he was shot in 1980.

She added: “I thought I would be with my husband, retired and living a peaceful life. Of course, that dream went out the window.”

Source: New Kerala


10 Responses

  1. What in the devil is Yoko talking about? I love the fact that she’s kept John’s music in the forefront all these years but when she opens her mouth it usually reveals a sad naivety. She appears to be one of the masses who lives in theoryland and not reality. Sad.

  2. According to one or two biographies, one day John Lennon announced to Pete Shotton and the other Beatles that he was either Jesus Christ or the reincarnation of JC. Everyone just kind of said “Ok, John.” That night he brought Yoko over to his house and they recorded “Two Virgins” and started their relationship. He probably told her he was Jesus and that was that.

  3. Totally inappropiate of the webmaster of this site to confuse what John Lennon said about The Beatles’ fame in the EXACT same manner that the Bible belt had done in the sixties.

    He was LAMENTING the fact that Beatles’ fans AND the media had made The Beatles more popular than Jesus Christ. He was pointing out how ironic it was that such a pious society placed more importance on The Beatles (at the time) than their own “salvation”.

    He did not “proclaim himself more popular than God”, he pointed out blind hypocrisy. He also NEVER claimed to be saintly OR a priest. Also, it is/was his right to believe or disbelieve in the concept of God (or ANYONE’S religion) without snide, sarcastic remarks
    from someone who is basically saying, “If he doesn’t believe in what I believe in, he’s wrong”. Especially from someone who puts ALL FOUR Beatles on a pedestal DAILY (via this blog).

    We all know Yoko has a skewed vision of the world. Nobody says anything about Jim Morrison calling HIMSELF a “Shaman”. In fact, most people think it’s “cool”. Hypocrisy…

    The webmaster needs to step out of his/her Ivory Tower long enough to see reality.

  4. Some good points Darryl!

    I am just glad that I can enjoy the music of the Beatles (and solo Beatles) without the delusion that I have to follow their lifestyles “off the field”. Some people take whatever anyone Beatle-related says as truth and thus fight to justify or prove it. That’s called “drinking the Kool-Aid” and it’s quite dangerous. Just enjoy the music folks!

  5. So what if anyone proclaims themselves more popular than a god? If John had said the Beatles were more popular than Osiris no one would’ve minded. What if he’d said the Beatles were more popular than Dionysus?

    To a lot of us, the god of Abraham is as real as Zeus.

    What I know is the Beatles have brought a lot more happiness to my life than any man-made god can. And the Beatles sure have a lot less blood on their hands than any god, pick one.

    Besides, John Lennon actually BEING Jesus Christ is way more plausible than most things that happen in the bible.

  6. The problem is that some people worship the Beatles as their god just as some worship money, fame, their job, or material possessions.

    I love the Bible. For some reason, that incites hatred in people…? How ironic is that! Anyway, I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist…

  7. Raj, on October 26th, 2007 at 8:24 pm Said:
    The problem is that some people worship the Beatles as their god just as some worship money, fame, their job, or material possessions.

    …and that is a problem? It’s never caused me any problems.

  8. For the record…Lennon was honest and open, and volatile and human. His Spirituality, which was at the core of his being, was also a struggle for many years. HOWEVER…it should be noted that in later he joked about being the guy who recorded “God” (from “Plastic Ono Band”), since in the “househusband years” (1975-1980) he was extraordinarily devoted to his Spirituality. He was notoriously “ALL-FAITHS”, and, IMHO, led a much richer and deeper Spiritual existence because of this (but I am “all-faiths” myself & obviously biased).
    I understand and agree with Yoko’s statement. While he wrestled with Spiritual issues, largely due to the ultra-conservative counterproductive nature of most “Religions”, he was an deeply, deeply Spiritual person. His devotion was given a real chance to grow and breath after Sean’s birth, and the hopeful loving genius work of 1980 was the wonderful result. Blessings of Love & Light to All!!!

  9. Give me a break! Of course John was spiritual. John was more Christian than many of those “born agains” out there.

  10. someone close the gates, the atheists are getting out. i need my electric shocker on those haters. raj, thank you for having the guts to tell these atheists, it’s not about their hatred. this is a beatles forum, not a knock jesus forum..do that in your own forums…or wherever you people crawled out of….

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